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The cluster of hope,

crystallized in your eyes,

more serene than the sunrise,

is my sail…

in the dark storms of long nights.

moon fall

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My Home In the Stars

I will carry my home with me,

in the stars I see every night…


For they hold the stories,

my grandma told me,

the walks on the beach,

with the family,

and the moment,

when my heart,

first took flight.


I will carry my home with me,

in the stars I see every night…


For when I lose sight,

of where I am,

they comfort me,

like they comforted my ancestors,

eons before I was born,

guiding them with light.


I will carry my home with me,

in the stars I see every night…


For their infinite beauty,

keeps me grounded,

no matter how high I fly,

reminding me who I am,

and where I come from,

as I sail across the sky.


I will carry my home with me,

in the stars I see every night.


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* The daily prompt: An Ounce of Home sparked this piece in my mind 🙂




Finding Hope

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With a slate clean of yesterday’s worries,

You find your new dawn of hope.

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I have understood,

that nothing will ever come easy.

I have understood,

that hard work needs good luck,

for optimized recognition.

I have understood,

that a strong mind can weather any storm.

I have understood,

pain creates this hollow feeling in your heart,

that can only be filled with love.

I have understood,

to understand,


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Monthly Blog Recommendations: May

Hi Everyone,

As this is the last weekend in May, I will post the links to all the lists featured this month here 🙂 Please visit these wonderful bloggers and enjoy their great work. I have new lists to post for June, so stay tuned! As previously mentioned all other lists can be viewed in the recommendations category. 🙂







Thank you all for sharing your wonderful work!





Liberation of the mind

In the darkest of night,

when the stars were hard to find…

I found,

my liberated mind…

free in the dark,

and free in the light…

free to jump,

to reach new heights….

free to cry,

and free to smile…

and free,

to ponder for a while….

the love I hold for you,

in this liberated mind.

moonless night


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When did the world stop listening?

You did not know…

for that chaos that used to be your mind,

had reluctantly calmed down that night,

leaving you in silence both inside and out.


Your hearing was getting worse each day,

but why did the world not hear what you had to say?

Did it need a hearing aid as well?

You did not know…


The long years you had travelled on this earth,

hearing the sounds of night and day…

hearing, the rivers flow into the ocean’s tides,

as the wind blew hard making the trees sway…

hearing, the twigs crush underneath your feet on the forest floor,

hearing, the drums in the thunder of the distant shores;

and the soft rain by your window…

hearing always hearing,

hearing, your mother’s soothing lullaby,  

the whisper of your love in your ear,

the cries of your children when they were sick,

the laughter of your grandkids rang loud and clear…

hearing always hearing,

until now…

But when did the world stop listening?

You did not know.


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* It has been very hard to watch my grandfather slowly lose his hearing. We are very close and at 96 his mind is still strong but old age gets the better of him somedays…and he doesn’t want to have long conversations cause he can’t hear everything on the phone. This is inspired by my grandfather and others grandparents out there…even though you may feel like the world is not listening…we are. ..and we always will.


Beautiful Chaos

You are…

my beautiful chaos,

of sleepless nights,

for whom I wait,


in the storm.


rain storm

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The silent flame of your forgotten dreams,

burns quietly in the soft rain of tears,

comforting your heart with hope.