thoughts from my mind to yours



The day unfolded,


as your mind drifted,

full of distractions.

A blatant contrast

to the serene light that fell on you,

as you laid out your thoughts


open like the skies,

infinite with possibilities,

of going anywhere…

but as the light faded into darkness

and the night sang the soft lullaby

you drifted again

to the beginning

or was it the end

in the circle of life.


poetry and image copyright neha 2018


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FlashFiction #2 – Hiding

She was tired of hiding. She wanted to be heard. She wanted her words to resonate with the world. She chased her dreams with all she had but sometimes, as the sun set, she mused with the clouds, standing on the dark side of the earth…She was tired of hiding… but sometimes, it felt hiding was the the only thing she was good at.


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The quiet beat,

of your steady heart,

is my solace,

in chaos,

your eyes,

my lighthouse,

in the storm…

You find me,

when I have stopped looking,

in the desolate shores,

soaked in the high tides of the ocean…

You find me,

in a place of no sound,

when I am lost to be found…

and the quiet beat,

of your steady heart,

is my solace,

in chaos,

and your eyes,

my lighthouse,

in the storm.

ocean shore in the dark

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Waking Eyes

Night does not fall,

on your waking eyes,

clouded with thoughts,

of the day gone by,

as you stare,

into the colorless sky,

waiting for the  sun to rise,



moonless night

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