thoughts from my mind to yours





In gentle waves

kissed by the morning sun

the chaos of the night

was undone

as the eyes rested

on the serene skies of the day…


You and I stood barefeet,

feeling the soft, cool, breeze

brush our face

as our heart swayed

in love.





from the demands of the day,

You and I ,

will sail the world tonight…


We will feel the cool water,

pass through our fingers…

and as the sun sets,

with all its warmth,

we will sleep…

by the calming sound of the sea,

in the warmth of our love, 

and dream of the stars above…


You and I,

will sail the world tonight.


Happy Friday Everyone!


Oreo loves the great weather!


In the cool shade of the lost moors…

In the cool shade of the lost moors,

Butterflies follow your wandering soul,

with your eyes watching the sky unfold,

in the soft kisses of the sun.

butterfly whispers

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By the river side

With some cheese and fruit to share,

we sit in the open air,

feeling the cool water under our feet…


In the serene comfort of our joint hands,

we have a picnic in forgotten lands,

in the melody of our heartbeat…


You and I…

by the river side.



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On “Cool”

Monday Morning Rant: I am at fault of using this term myself, but nothing bothers me more than this one word response of “cool”. Of course, in person you can get an idea of how that cool was used in the tone of the person’s voice, but in email or texting that is impossible at times. And even when you know that it has casually replaced ‘ok’, it has this non caring feel to it. For example, Q: How Do you like Monday mornings? A: It’s cool. Q: Are you ok? A: I am cool. Q: Hey, look at this new thing I made. A: That’s cool.

You see where I am going here…It is a word that is overused with little or no emotion attached to it sometimes. And I don’t know about you but I like my words with a little more personality, than them be just ‘cool’. 🙂 Ok ending rant now, Happy Monday Everyone!