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Rainbows and love

My son saw his first rainbow today, and I felt a lump in my throat, as my heart filled with joy seeing him experience this magical moment. He probably won’t remember this but I hope he always looks for rainbows after rain…when the sun kisses the clouds with love.



Poetry and image copyright neha2019




Yesterday, I saw you cry…

Yesterday, I saw you cry

from the comforts of the window

of my computer screen…

Yesterday, my heart broke

for there was nothing I could do

as I watched your tiny war torn faces…

Your bleeding aches,

so prominently captured 

on the 2 minute facebook message.

Yesterday, I sent a prayer for help,

to help you and other innocent children,

innocent people and innocent lives…

for though I can choose to skip this video

when it appears tomorrow…

you are tragically stuck,

in the most tragic of circumstances…

So today I write,

and I hope my words bring peace,

my words spread love,

and my words can be of some comfort…

And though it’s not enough,

I write and I pray,

for you.

poetry and image copyright neha 2016

poetry and image copyright neha 2016


This is dedicated to all the innocent children and people hurt in Aleppo and other war-torned places of the world.





Saturday Art

Sometimes all it takes

to make your heart happy

is to play with colors

across the page

and let your mind drift

in imagination




My husband and I did some art this morning…It felt great to muse with colors…Hope you are all enjoying your weekend so far!

Art by my husband Hitu :)

Art by my husband Hitu 🙂






















art copyright neha 2016

art copyright neha 2016


Sunday Smiles

My husband and I went to the Museum of Nature and Science yesterday…and there was a mythical creature exhibition…In that exhibition there was a wall for kids to draw their own mythical creatures…There were unicorns and octo mermaid and chicken horn…I loved all the creativity and the creatures they came up with…but this one made me laugh out loud (literally) but in a good way…Thought I would share it with you all…Happy Sunday Everyone! Cheers to Creativity and may your imagination never falter!

picture copyright neha 2015

picture copyright neha 2015