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Happy to be part of Festive Riot Magazine – Celebrations Edition

I am so happy to share the newest issue of the Festive Riot Magazine on Celebrations. My husband Hitendra also joined in on this issue, you can find our contributions on pages 16 and 17.


Thank you Suparna for putting together another wonderful theme, your efforts on this initiative are commendable. If you haven’t checked out Suparna’s blog please go visit now to read some great short fiction, poetry and posts by a talented writer.




How do you celebrate or would like to celebrate your birthday?

Hi Everyone,

So my birthday is coming up this Wednesday and I wanted to ask my fellow friends and bloggers as to what you do or would like to do to celebrate your birthday?

As for myself, I like spending time with family, perhaps have some good food and do things that make me happy. I say a quick thanks to be alive and to be surrounded by loved ones:)


poetry copyright neha 2015

poetry copyright neha 2015


500 Posts!

I was pleasantly surprised when WordPress informed me yesterday, that I had reached my ‘500 posts’ mark! When I made my first post on January 29th of this year, I did not know how much content I could create for this blog, but here we are almost 6 months in with 500 posts. (This will be post# 502). ┬áThank you to all my readers who have encouraged me and kept me striving to do more. I love this community that I have found and all the wonderful bloggers and readers who take the time to read my work, like it or leave comments on my posts. I appreciate you more than you know! You all light up my path in this writing process…Thank you!