thoughts from my mind to yours



copyright poem and image neha 2015

copyright poem and image neha 2015







Art is colourful

Art is plain

Art is happy

Art is pain


Art is busy

Art is peaceful

Art is loud

Art is mindful


Art is people

Art is buildings

Art is nature

Art is yielding…

to what you make of it


Art is undefined

a fragment of thought

deeply carved in the mind of the artist

who brings it to the world

sometimes like a child

that needs protection

from the world it was created


Art is abstract

Art is solid

Art is stagnant

Art is fluid

like seasons…

winter to spring

spring to summer

summer to fall…

falling through every emotion

of the human heart

Art has perspective

Art has no reason


Art is innocent

Art is bold

Art is revolutionary

Art lives in your soul


can never be killed…

it is whole.

** This was inspired by the sad events that recently occurred..and is dedicated to all artists out there.