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Greeting Summer

Because summer officially begins in 2 DAYS and today is a beautiful day! Please click on original 🙂


You ran bare-feet to greet it at the door,

like you had many times before,

through the barren streams and moors,

forgetting your daily chores…

with the breeze blowing your hair wild,

you ran with the  inner child,

in your heart…

you ran bare-feet to greet summer at the door,

of spring.


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On Hallmark Cards…

Random thought: Even though we think that in this day and age we have pretty much every kind of card we can think of, why is it that every time I go shopping for a good card, I can’t find any with just the “right” words I am looking for?!…It is either too cheesy, too fake, too simple or highly inappropriate…

PS: Blank cards are awesome but I still think hallmark should hire me to do some card writing :p There is clearly still a need…