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Spring Blogs Recommendations: Photography List 2

Hello Everyone,

As a thank you to this wonderful blogging family I will be sharing some of my favourite blogs every season.

Here is my second list of wonderful photographers who inspire me with their beautiful captures. Over the next few weeks I will be posting more lists in this and other categories so stay tuned.  The previous spring list can be found under here: your recommendations are most welcome! – I have been a huge fan of Leyla’s work since the begining of my blogging journey and highly recommend her to blog to my readers! She is a wonderful photographer with the ability to capture the most beautiful photos. – Another photographer whose work I have admired for sometime now…Cornelis’s black and white compositions and his other work will definitely make you appreciate his art. – Leanne always leaves me in awe of her work…Whether it is street architecture, events or nature she grabs the reader’s attention with her technical skills and eye to capture the perfect angle. I highly recommend you visiting her blog. – I just started following this blog today, and have to say there is definitely something worth visiting. I liked the pet and flower photography. Show some love of the community and visit this new upcoming photographer. – I have been following this blog for a while and I am always impressed by the nature photography. Needless to say, I definitely recommend visiting! – I absolutely love Tiny’s bird photography. She is also a writer and her compassion for nature and animals shines through in her posts. I highly encourage you all to visit her blog. – Another new blog that I discovered today, and I have to say I was very impressed by their vibrant colors and captures. Again, do visit and share some community love. – A photography blog that I have been following for a little while now and one that I definitely recommend to my readers. I really like his animal photography especially his captures of cats and dogs. – I have been a super fan of Mariko’s work since day one. Pictures speak a thousand words and her images certainly do…it is like writing poetry through photography. I highly recommend a visit! – Sophie is an amazing photographer whose work I have always admired. I encourage all my readers to visit her blog and see her wonderful creative talent with the camera yourselves!


Stay Tuned for Future recommendations and check out all recommendations under the recommendations category!















Weekly Blog Recommendations – Photography List 5

Good Morning Everyone! I always feel so excited to share these talented bloggers with you and this photography list is no different! Please join me to tribute these wonderful bloggers. As always previous lists can be found in the recommendations category 🙂


1.) Exploratorius

Mitch has simply amazed me with his photography skills from the first post I saw by him. He says he is there to explore anything, and his work certainly speaks volumes about capturing these explorations in a way that always strikes a chord with the readers.  I absolutely recommend all my viewers to go check his blog to treat your eyes with his wonderful photos!


2.) A Mixed Bag

I have been following Al’s work for a few weeks now and I really enjoy his photography on nature. He also writes fiction that I am sure a lot of you will enjoy. I encourage all my readers to check out his wonderful blog and beautiful photography!


3.) m.lever

Martin’s photography is very versatile as he captures the different aspects of life in terms of both urban, nature, or people photography. I truly admire his work and style and highly recommend my readers to go see his work and talent!


4.) Emerald Wake

Emerald Wake’s blog and style is very unique as you will see for yourself when you visit. The photography and graphic style captivates your eyes and I definitely recommend my readers to go visit this blog for some unique talent by this artist!


5.) Photoroads

I have recently started following photoroads and am completely blown away with the photography talent showcased in this blog. I would highly encourage my viewers to go check out this talent and treat yourself to some amazing photography!


***Note to any bloggers featured in these weekly posts, if you wish for me to remove your name from this list due to any reason please let me know, and I will do so. Also all of the excerpts featured (if featured)  are the works of the bloggers listed, they  each own the copyrights to their own piece and it is not my intention to take credit for it in anyway, hope that is clear to all readers. This is just my effort to appreciate good work. If any bloggers feel that their work has not been properly credited or should not be on the list let me know and I shall remove it. Again thank you all for sharing your beautiful work