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Some more Blog Recommendations

Hi Everyone,

Here are a few more blogs ( some old, some new) that I want to share with you! These are by no means a complete list but they are definitely some of my favs! Please look under the recommendations category for previous recs.

These are a mixed bag of gems (lifestyle/poetry/ photography blogs)…There is that special element in all of them which connects with the reader, keeping them coming back for more! Needless to say I highly recommend them all! 🙂


Thank you for sharing your talents with us! Stay tuned for more recommendations throughout this month!







#Soulwords Prompts

Hi Everyone,

As some of you may know I started a prompt account on twitter about a month ago called  #Soulwords. I wanted to let my fellow bloggers aware on how it works if you wanted to take advantage of it to promote your work :). I give out prompt words every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and the Weekend and I retweet any poetry that uses the prompts. You can also use past prompts from the list if you indicate the word you are using. All you have to do is use the hashtag #Soulwords to indicate you have used the prompt so I can find you. 

I also retweet blog links if you are using the prompt word. I love promoting my fellow writers/bloggers/ poets and just wanted you all to know a little more about my prompt site. You can view my latest prompt by clicking on the link and seeing the pinned tweet on the page. I have also taken a screen shot for you for this time. If for some reason I miss your post, don’t hesitate to message me and let me know so I can retweet you! 🙂 

image copyright neha 2015

image copyright neha 2015



Allergic to E challenge

image copyright neha 2015

My good friend Erika from Author Erika Kind invited me to participate in this challenge. If you haven’t visited her blog yet I encourage you to do so now for some great posts that will enrich your lives.

It was harder than I initially thought but I had fun writing it. Thanks for the invite Erika! Here were the Rules…

The rules:

  1. Write a whole paragraph (a paragraph sounds easy right?)
  2. Without any word containing the letter “e” (still easy for ya?)
  3. By reading this you are already signed up.
  4. Challenge at least five bloggers to do the challenge.


The following  is my response:

A child would watch a sun, a moon and a star and think how far it could go to touch it. A child would watch sun rising from dark and think if it could hold it in its’ palms. A child would lay on wings of imagination and fly through cosmos. A child would always try to follow its’ soul. A child could do all of that…could you?

For this challenge my nominees are:






Have fun!










Monthly Blog Recommendations: May

Hi Everyone,

As this is the last weekend in May, I will post the links to all the lists featured this month here 🙂 Please visit these wonderful bloggers and enjoy their great work. I have new lists to post for June, so stay tuned! As previously mentioned all other lists can be viewed in the recommendations category. 🙂







Thank you all for sharing your wonderful work!





The ‘Like’ Button: Enabler of the inactive participant OR Advocate of the introverted blogger?


First off, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this discussion that is going on with this, I will respond to each of your comments individually shortly after I make this post but wanted to say THANK YOU for taking the time and sharing your opinion! For those who are reading the post for the first time this is what I had posted in the morning:

“I will weigh in with my comments later and update this post but I wanted to get a reaction from my fellow bloggers on this, without my  influence…Please put your thoughts in the comment section 🙂 Look forward to a lively discussion!”

Second, as promised here is my stance on the issue:

I remember when I first joined wordpress and I got my very first ‘like’ on that first post – I was ELATED! As belsbor says in his comment it is indeed a great boost! Someone out there thought my work was good enough to be liked! …Then, when I received my first comment… I was beyond thrilled.


As a business major and professional, I know how difficult it can sometimes be to get responses. Some projects never take off because of not being able to generate enough interest. Of course, this blog was not or  rather is not a business venture, but it is something that I am quite passionate about and thus, generating a strong readership is important to me…Coming back to the issue at hand…as to whether or not the ‘like’ button is an enabler or an advocate, I believe it can be both and  like some of you have said in your comments I too have worn both hats on different days.


Since that first initial boost of getting a ‘like’, I have felt that initial ‘elation’ become a ‘pleasantly pleased’ emotion. Although I still love it, I am thrilled to get comments as it allows me to understand exactly how much the reader liked my work or how they connected with it but I appreciate that ‘like’ none the less. I agree, it is not just an advocate for an introvert, although it can become one in many cases.  Sophie L raises an excellent point that I had not thought of with regards to the language barrier and how the ‘like’ button becomes an universal tool of approval. It is like casting a vote, just like nobody puts a comment on that ballot card, it is just enough support for the candidate and in this case the author’s post.  I do not see it as a negative button in any sense, and like many of you I always try to read what I have liked. As Genuine Poetry (Denise) puts it, it is a way of letting the reader know that you were there and you liked their post; however, lately I have been feeling a bit guilty of being an inactive participant due to the lack of time.


I understand that as the number of blogs I follow increases along with my readership, it will be harder to keep up with all the posts all the time…but I have caught myself using the ‘like’ button as a crutch… and I did not like it.  Sometimes, I skim longer posts, like it, saying to myself that I would come back and read it thoroughly later but there are days that it doesn’t happen. It made me wonder how many others actually read the post before liking. Ronovan raises a good point about how liking after barely a second of publishing kind of gives away the fact that it never really was read… and though thankfully, I am not guilty of that,  it was just something I needed to reflect on and be more conscious of. I always try my best to comment when I have the time, especially with the blogs I follow regularly and have built a rapport with, but like many of you stated, time becomes a factor on how much I can do.


In conclusion, I think the ‘like’ button can be one of the best tools to encourage fellow bloggers. But before pushing that button, ALWAYS read the post you are about to like, if you have the time to comment please do and always be conscious that you do not become one of those ‘inactive participant’ using the like button as an automated response.


Thank you to each and everyone of you for taking the time to read my work,




PS: I loved each like on this posts! I also loved the posts I liked! 😉


Weekly Blog Recommendations – Photography List 5

Good Morning Everyone! I always feel so excited to share these talented bloggers with you and this photography list is no different! Please join me to tribute these wonderful bloggers. As always previous lists can be found in the recommendations category 🙂


1.) Exploratorius

Mitch has simply amazed me with his photography skills from the first post I saw by him. He says he is there to explore anything, and his work certainly speaks volumes about capturing these explorations in a way that always strikes a chord with the readers.  I absolutely recommend all my viewers to go check his blog to treat your eyes with his wonderful photos!


2.) A Mixed Bag

I have been following Al’s work for a few weeks now and I really enjoy his photography on nature. He also writes fiction that I am sure a lot of you will enjoy. I encourage all my readers to check out his wonderful blog and beautiful photography!


3.) m.lever

Martin’s photography is very versatile as he captures the different aspects of life in terms of both urban, nature, or people photography. I truly admire his work and style and highly recommend my readers to go see his work and talent!


4.) Emerald Wake

Emerald Wake’s blog and style is very unique as you will see for yourself when you visit. The photography and graphic style captivates your eyes and I definitely recommend my readers to go visit this blog for some unique talent by this artist!


5.) Photoroads

I have recently started following photoroads and am completely blown away with the photography talent showcased in this blog. I would highly encourage my viewers to go check out this talent and treat yourself to some amazing photography!


***Note to any bloggers featured in these weekly posts, if you wish for me to remove your name from this list due to any reason please let me know, and I will do so. Also all of the excerpts featured (if featured)  are the works of the bloggers listed, they  each own the copyrights to their own piece and it is not my intention to take credit for it in anyway, hope that is clear to all readers. This is just my effort to appreciate good work. If any bloggers feel that their work has not been properly credited or should not be on the list let me know and I shall remove it. Again thank you all for sharing your beautiful work






I am very pleased and humbled to say that I am accepting the Crème de la Crème award presented to me by the wonderful Ihsan. Thank you so much Ihsan your kind words and the nomination. If you have not already checked out Ihsan’s work please do so now as you are definitely missing out!

I know I have been very slow in responding to the awards I have been nominated for so far but I could not help but get this out faster than usual, due to the uniqueness of this award that was created by the lovely Morgan. Morgan is an amazing poetess, and again someone who I highly encourage my readers to check out. 🙂

“Simple and to the point, this Honour is awarded to ONE person. No more long lists, no more hours and hours for one post. Received by One, Given to One for being the Crème de la Crème, the Cream of the Crop, the Pick of the Litter, the Best of the Best.”  —given that fact I could not hold on to this special award and not pass it on!

Rules of the award:

• Select your Honoree and notify them. You Must Pay the Honor forward, (rather than just giving it back to the person who gave it to you.)

• Showcase their blog in the Best manner you choose.

• Include the Banner/Badge in your Post.

• Share your post with the world.

• Never forget to Thank the Person who Honored You.


So after much contemplation (and there was a lot of it, believe me… with the sheer talent I am surrounded by as you can tell from my weekly blog recs) I have decided to nominate a dear friend, I find to be kindred spirit who has inspired me from our first interaction on wordpress, through her writing and her lovely personality…and she is none other than  (drum roll) …Line! Please visit her blog now at for some amazing pieces of writing that will inspire your soul and make your heart smile 🙂




Love Always,






Weekly Blog Recommendations – Poetry List 5

Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone! I am back with my weekly recommendations and will go back now to one of my favourite lists – poetry :). You can check out previous recommendations in the recommendation category. As you may already know from other lists the numbers are in no particular order 🙂 Please join me to honour these wonderful poets below whose work I have greatly enjoyed!

1.) An Ever Changing Writer I AM

I have followed Mikial from my first days here at wordpress and his poetry is beautiful. He is also an amazing visual artist and strives to make the world a better place with his work. I highly recommend my readers to visit his blog and check him out!

2.) Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

Audrey writes poetry that is heart warming and wonderful. Like many poets she pursues all facets of emotions that we may feel and she expresses them beautifully in her work. She also writes short stories and I definitely encourage my viewers to go see her blog!

3.) Esemplastic Imagination

Rcrate writes some soulful pieces, and often the pieces are just a  few short words that touches your mind with thoughts of deep reflections. I highly recommend everyone to check out this blog for some amazing poetry!

4.) Life

Nitin Lalit writes poetry that is often based on real life emotions and relationships we go through as human beings and thus has an universal appeal to his work. I definitely recommend my readers to visit his blog and see his wonderful poetry!

5.) Kirsten Uninterrupted

Kirsten is a wonderful blogger who not only writes some great poetry but you will also find some educational pieces on poetry on her blog. I love following her work as they are filled with meaning and touches the heart. I hope all my readers go check out this fantastic blogger and her work!

***Note to any bloggers featured in these weekly posts, if you wish for me to remove your name from this list due to any reason please let me know, and I will do so. Also all of the excerpts featured (if featured)  are the works of the bloggers listed, they  each own the copyrights to their own piece and it is not my intention to take credit for it in anyway, hope that is clear to all readers. This is just my effort to appreciate good work. If any bloggers feel that their work has not been properly credited or should not be on the list let me know and I shall remove it. Again thank you all for sharing your beautiful work