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Happy Father’s Day!

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Dear Dad,


I am glad,

there is a special day,

where I get to tell you,

how much I love you,

and how much you mean,

to me.


To tell you,

despite all the disagreements,

we may have,

you are the best dad ever,

and will always be.


From my first flying kisses,

to the piggy back rides,

You were always there,

by my side,

always guiding me.


You showed me,

how to stand up to life,

no matter how tough,

it may be,

to rise after each fall,

to be a strength,

to the family.


You showed me,

to follow dreams,

with my eyes wide open,

and to try,

try, try, again,

till I succeed.


You were the first,

to read me poetry,

to tell me I am free,

to be,

who I want to be.


So Dad,

thank you for everything,

Thank you for being the best dad,

that can ever be!

Happy Father’s Day!