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Beautiful Melancholic Drifter

Beautiful melancholic drifter

Went to sleep

against the stars

to moon’s lullaby

beautiful melancholic drifter

went to sleep

hiding its heart’s cries

with the dark skies

Beautiful melancholic drifter

went to sleep.

free image from google search / poetry copyright neha 2015

free image from google search / poetry copyright neha 2015


Virtual Blog Tour – The Stars And The Journey

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I will be honest, I was a bit hesitant to do this tour when Belsbor first told me about this…the reason was, I did not quite know if there was any process to my writing and  if I could do justice to this tour; however, after giving it some thought, I came to a conclusion that this was unique and something I had not done before, so getting out of my comfort zone, I was honoured and grateful to accept this from Belsbor. You can see his Virtual Blog Tour (VBT) Here:

Belsbor is a versatile blogger, showcasing posts ranging from poetry, to short stories and  life events.  He is also a great influence and a motivator for  new, experienced and somewhere in between bloggers (like myself)  here at wordpress. If you have not seen his blog yet, I suggest you do so now as you are certainly missing out!


Now on to the Stars of this Tour! It was hard for me to pick three as this community is filled with so many of you, it is like watching the night sky! But as per requirement here are three amazing bloggers who I am so honoured to feature  today! They are indeed stars in all aspects spreading their light and message through each post in their blogs. They lift your heart up with beautiful words for the soul, and connect with you in the day to day aspect of life, so you never feel alone.

 The Stars


Original Dante:  If you want to read poetry and creative pieces that is meaningful and always evokes emotion from the heart, this blog is the place to be. I admire each post and writing in this blog and he definitely holds true to his words that he says about himself in his about page ”  I promised myself, never to publish half-baked pieces of writing, only my best; striving for the original. Stick around, I’ll make it worth your while.” – And he does. His work is inspiring, genuine and he always makes it worth while .



Rcrate:  Rose’s poetry will touch your heart in the most beautiful way. Her simple yet genuine writing will make your heart smile and fall in love with her poetry. She states: ” I’ve always had a love of poetry and a great appreciation for 19th century literature. ” And her love and appreciation comes forth in her work. Her short pieces connects with the reader in the most gentle way, and she is definitely a poet who inspires me.  I highly recommend everyone to check out her lovely blog and writing. 



Ronovanwrites: Ron is an author and a versatile blogger whom I have come to admire as someone who can connect with his audience at a personal level through the content of his posts. He is very informative and I encourage all bloggers (especially new ones) to visit his blogs for some great tips and links for writing, and to get some great encouragement. His writing is genuine, he states , “I want to share my world as I rediscover it after having lost part of it not long ago in a mind jarring way”, and though it is sad to learn that he had to go through that experience, I am glad we get to to see the world he shares through his blog, as it is indeed memorable. 


The Journey


Now, back to questions on my writing process which I will try to answer the best I can. 🙂

1.) What am I working on?

At this point, as some of you may know from my previous posts that I am a bit busy so not really working on anything… But I am very spontaneous when it comes to writing, if the idea arrives it has to be written or I will not be able to sleep – literally! Most of the poetry I have posted on this blog has been a result of spontaneous combustion 😀 . I have also been working on some long term projects of various fiction that are on hold for the moment.

2.) How does my work differ from others of each genre? &  3.) Why Do I create what I do?

I feel my writing is more simple than the other creative minds of this genre. I write with both my heart and mind and I hope to connect with my audience in both places. I do not know if that makes me different…  I write because I love to write and my spirits are boosted when I connect with my readers through my writing.


4.) How does your writing creative process work? 

As I said my writing is very spontaneous, I am constantly inspired by nature, by my loved ones, music and on occasions by sorrow I see or feel around me. I am empathetic by nature ( I think most writers and artists are), and a lot of my writing is also inspired through that. I detest editing. Almost all of my poetry is the very first draft that I write. I feel you are in that moment once and changing it would change the feeling you had when you first wrote it. It does not mean I have not played around with some words and edited any of my pieces, I have, but for the most part they have been the first draft. As for my fiction, I grudgingly take on the editing aspect. 😀 I admire creative minds as they inspire me a great deal, and I am truly blessed to be surrounded by so many of them here in this community as well as in my personal life.


That is all folks!


Thank you all for taking the time to read this VBT, I hope you visit each of the stars and see their amazing work! Thanks again to Belsbor for the opportunity! Have a great day everyone!







Weekly Blog Recommendations – Poetry List 5

Happy Mother’s Day weekend everyone! I am back with my weekly recommendations and will go back now to one of my favourite lists – poetry :). You can check out previous recommendations in the recommendation category. As you may already know from other lists the numbers are in no particular order 🙂 Please join me to honour these wonderful poets below whose work I have greatly enjoyed!

1.) An Ever Changing Writer I AM

I have followed Mikial from my first days here at wordpress and his poetry is beautiful. He is also an amazing visual artist and strives to make the world a better place with his work. I highly recommend my readers to visit his blog and check him out!

2.) Oldest Daughter & Red Headed Sister

Audrey writes poetry that is heart warming and wonderful. Like many poets she pursues all facets of emotions that we may feel and she expresses them beautifully in her work. She also writes short stories and I definitely encourage my viewers to go see her blog!

3.) Esemplastic Imagination

Rcrate writes some soulful pieces, and often the pieces are just a  few short words that touches your mind with thoughts of deep reflections. I highly recommend everyone to check out this blog for some amazing poetry!

4.) Life

Nitin Lalit writes poetry that is often based on real life emotions and relationships we go through as human beings and thus has an universal appeal to his work. I definitely recommend my readers to visit his blog and see his wonderful poetry!

5.) Kirsten Uninterrupted

Kirsten is a wonderful blogger who not only writes some great poetry but you will also find some educational pieces on poetry on her blog. I love following her work as they are filled with meaning and touches the heart. I hope all my readers go check out this fantastic blogger and her work!

***Note to any bloggers featured in these weekly posts, if you wish for me to remove your name from this list due to any reason please let me know, and I will do so. Also all of the excerpts featured (if featured)  are the works of the bloggers listed, they  each own the copyrights to their own piece and it is not my intention to take credit for it in anyway, hope that is clear to all readers. This is just my effort to appreciate good work. If any bloggers feel that their work has not been properly credited or should not be on the list let me know and I shall remove it. Again thank you all for sharing your beautiful work




Summer warmth frees your heart…

Embracing sunset,

Feet on cool grey sand,

Waves washing over sandcastles,

Carefree thoughts,

Crooked pathways,

Scented lilacs,

Drifting memories…

Summer Warmth,

Frees your heart.



Eternal Rainbow

I get lost in the depth of your eyes,

Infinite like the sun kissed skies,

my sunshine in quiet rain,

you hold my eternal rainbow,

in your heart.



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Sunbeam and good thoughts…

Tonight’s Quote:

“A person who has good thoughts cannot ever be ugly. You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”  Roald Dahl



Think Good Thoughts Beautiful People 🙂 Good Night!


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Tonight’s Quote:

“The most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious – the fundamental emotion which stands at the cradle of true art and true science.” ~Albert Einstein