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Come Away

When I sail away from the world,

come away with me.

When I lay on colourless sand,

come away with me.

When I fall into the dark,

come away with me…

come away.

poetry and photography copyright neha 2016

poetry and photography copyright neha 2016



Calling all creative minds to a poetic collaboration – “while you were away”

 image copyright neha 2015

image copyright neha 2015


























Hi Everyone,

I thought I would start my first collaboration for this year. This time the prompt will be “while you were away”. As usual, I will start off, and you can join in by posting your additions in the comments. You can see a past example of a collaboration via this link:

I will take comments in the order they come. Each contributor will be listed at the bottom in the same color as their addition. You can contribute more than once if inspiration strikes. I will have this open till the end of February. Thank you all and hope to see you all join in! Please share the event with others who may be interested. 🙂


While you were away…

the night retired for the day

the colors changed

and the leaves swayed,

with the wind…

while you were away.


They all looked for him everywhere
While he was away
All they could find was a few photographs and a no. 3 jersey
While he was away
Finally they found him in fond memories
And realised he was never away


While you were away
The thaw came far too soon
I spent my nights
Howling at the moon
Sadly whistling our tune
And totally acting
Like a loon
Arguing with the heights
While you were away


While you were away
The night and day were the same
without you being there
lacking your smile ‘n’ laughter
showed me my emptiness inside
rather than sink away in despair
I kept myself furiously busy
driving myself almost into a tizzy
Without you my muse
I felt lost and confused
like a rudderless ship
cocooned in a fog
While you were away


While you were away

I was away

In a place far away

On wings that never swayed

Above clouds ever grey

Leaving behind what is frayed

Return to all we made

When we both were away


while you were away
I counted each moment
that passed so slowly
while the rain fell
on my dreams


While you were away
I took the time to dream
About my life with you in it
An endless flowing stream

It took me far away that stream
But not away from you
In fact it only led me closer
To what my heart sees through


While you were away
You were ever among us
Our thoughts rising
To comfort you
Your enforced absence
Our loss and yours
Yor voice the barest
Whisper of communion
While you were away


While you were away
I gazed at the stars
and remembered your eyes
the flowers blossomed
and I remembered your love
the seasons passed
and I gave thanks for our time together


While you were away…
The ponies no longer played
The frost fell
and the flowers decayed,
withering my soul…
while you were away.


you were away
I existed


While you were away
The music seemed dull
The roses failed to bloom
Even in sunshine, I could feel
The icy hands of darkness, firm and still….


While you were away
I was here to stay
Neha came out to play
On that bright and sunny day
With her toes in the bay
While Amy way in the hay
That is where she lay
During the month of May
We all had fun today


Visited pockets of myself

That I often neglect

Sorrow, tears,


Pieces of Michael’s set

An entire conglomerate

At any rate

I’m inclined to rewind

So you take witness, of what it took,

For me to be here,

The pre-requisite grind

… While you were away


While you were away,
my heart expanded
exploring new pathways
journeying inside and out
my life has grown
and yet I have not lost you
we are still holding the
same thread
forever woven into
both of our hearts.
You never left.
while you were away


i remembered how to sway
while you were away

i hunted for all the open doorways
while you were away

all the walls fell down
while you were away

i found i love myself anyway
while you were away

i finally learned how to stay
while you were away


While you were away
my heart learned
how to live without
inhaling happiness




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