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Defy gravity

fly beyond

the boundaries of an age

reach for the clarity

found, inside you

poetry and image copyright neha 2016

poetry and image copyright neha 2016



20 Things I would tell my 20-Year-Old Self- World is free So are you!

When I was five years old, I used to think “20” was the biggest number that could possibly be…and anyone older than that, was clearly “TOO OLD!”. I remember telling my dad that when I would be “20 and grown up” I would buy all the candies I want, have a car, own a home and be an astronaut. My dad at the time had just smiled and asked if I would have shared some of my candies with him.

Now, it has been a few years since I have crossed that milestone, am not an astronaut, still dream about owning all the candies and have probably become “TOO OLD” for my five-year-old self. Being a little more self-reflective than I was back then, I thought I would make a list of things I would tell my 20-year-old self. I would never change the past, but these are just some things I would share with my younger self…
1.) You’re NOT TOO OLD!
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2.) You DON’T have to figure things out this instant
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3.) Always keep dreaming and believe in yourself.
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4.) That paper you just bombed is not the end of the world. Neither will all the papers in your future that you may struggle with, bring doom to civilization.
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5.) Follow your heart but also listen to your mind. Usually when it is right, they both agree.
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6.) Cherish the moments with family and good friends
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7.) Don’t be too mad at the world. You are stronger than you know.


8.) Yes, you will find the person for you. Be happy and enjoy the moment.

9.) You cannot fix everything. Learn to let go sometimes.

10.) Don’t give up on things that matter.
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11.) Be more patient with your parents.

12.) Don’t be too naive and trust blindly.

13.) You do not carry the weight of the world on your shoulder. The world is free and so are you.
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14.) Always be kind and have faith

15.) Learn to stand up for yourself and to stand for what is right. Speak Up when need be.

16.) If you’re feeling awkward and shy with a group of new people, they are probably feeling it too. Take a leap of faith and break the ice.

17.) You will never have it all figured out and there will always be questions. But that is a good thing
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18.) Be healthy and think positive. The sooner you get on this treadmill the better.
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19.) Always keep learning and look for new adventures!
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20.) And…You’re NEVER TOO OLD! 🙂
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** some of these images are taken from google images, and others are mine. This blog post was also posted in my other blog but thought I would share it here too : )