thoughts from my mind to yours


Storm #Writephoto

The clouds still lingered
amidst the emanating petrichor
of the green meadows post rain
a sign of another storm
looming again
that could drench
her aching heart.


poertry copyright neha 2020/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent



In response to Sue Vincent’s WritePhoto prompt. Thanks Sue for the inspiration!


When I found love

When I found love,

the clouds drifted in the breeze,

the morning smiled with ease,

and I whistled with the trees.

When I found love,

the first light,

kissed the skies,

answering all my whys,

leading me,

to you. 

free image from google/ poetry copyright neha 2020


Edge of the Sea

Drifting at the edge of the sea,

your heart swayed with the waves

that crashed in the caves, of the mind

in the memories that you would often rewind

when you lay with the open skies

tracing smiles on the clouds

of the faces your heart found

and loved…

drifting at the edge of the sea,

your heart swayed with the waves.


poetry and photography copyright neha 2020



Sometimes I remember
Remember the walks at dawn
Dawns with the colorful sunrise
Sunrise that stretched across the skies
Skies that remind me of you
You who only exist in memories
Memories that linger in the mind
Mind that hides thoughts
thoughts of you…
you visit me on dates
Dates that don’t seem to leave
leave like you
You have been gone for so long
Long stories fall short to describe the ways
ways you laughed, ways you spoke, ways you taught
Taught me about big things and little things
Things that matter,
matter like love,
love I hold for you that go past these dates
Dates that I remember
Remembering you.

poetry copyright neha 2020/ free image from pexels