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You are my new dawn,

that wakes me after my long night.

You are my wings,

that take me up when I fall from great height.

You are my sunshine,

that shines through my days so grey.

 My soul’s music,

You make me feel elated, everyday.

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Old Poetry: Seasons

Rainy Spring’s
Cheerful laughter,
plays like music
So sweet,

Auburn Autumn’s
Leaves falling,
Catching each note
Each beat,

Windy Winter’s
Silent whispers,
That reaches
Every soul,

Sunny Summers
Smiling faces,
Calling for all
once more.


Forever You, Forever Me

Forever Free

Forever Wild

Forever You

Forever Me

With eyes full of dreams,

and hearts full of love,

we stand in the mystic falls,

embraced by the stars and kissed by the moon,

we fall in the deep sea,

Forever free, forever wild, forever you, forever me. Image


Butterfly Whispers

butterfly whispers


Wandering past the windswept meadows …
she felt as though she was floating on a cloud…
the smell of sunshine awoke her senses…
she saw every colour and heard every sound…
And In the midst of it all she felt the little tingles,
that touched her from head to toe…
She closed her eyes and heard butterfly whispers,
it gave her wings in her dreams and so much more….


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