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Today, I hear your laughter in the skies, and I know you are the reason the sun shines a little brighter, the air smells a little sweeter and our hearts feel a little heavier, with all the love you shared…you always were and will forever be the best Dadubhai…


My grandfather always told us to lead our lives in a way so when we leave, our life can act as a guide to lost souls who are trapped in their thoughts/journey, to help them move forward. We lost our Dadubhai yesterday…he was our guiding light, our mentor, our friend whose strength surpassed the toughest of times…his life was a legacy of the message he shared…his heartwarming laughter, his never-ending quest for knowledge, his birthday messages to his grandchildren, his ability to make people feel so special and most of all his huge heart will forever remain with us all. We miss you Dadubhai ❤ ❤



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Calm Night Across the River

Calm night across the river,

That’s hard to see in the middle of day.

Calm night across the river,

Where there is no farmer to make hay.

Calm night across the river,

Where large waves slowly capsize.

Calm night across the river,

Where moon lights brightly every night.

It’s the place where the trees dance,

Giving off a gentle breeze,

It’s where we all rest when we hand in our day’s keys.

Calm night across the river,

It’s the place I see in my dreams.


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Remembering you and your bearded smile,

Like nine years have not gone by,

with our heart full of memories,

of yesterday…





**Dedicated to my uncle who passed away in 2005. It is  sometimes hard to believe nine years have passed  since the day.