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48 thoughts on “Seeking Love

  1. And even with all the pain he would seek her love , patiently , endlessly searching for he shared those same daydreams .

  2. She doesn’t give up and that is her beauty. Love this poem.

  3. its better to feel sad at times, rather than numb inside,

  4. Be still my heart! 💓
    I love dreamers and beautiful sunsets.

  5. I haven’t been looking at my blog lately…… might have missed this….my loss

  6. Thank you for how large the Image was, it really took me deeper into the poem and heightened my experience of it.

    I love the fact that the sun was in the distance which tied in with a line in the poem, and how one single plant was all that was in focus, it really speaks to the main character In this poem, which was the girl who dares to love again even though her heart is broken.

    It’s very relatable, any broken hearted person could read this and feel seen, maybe even… all the more hopeful, which is another thing I really love about it 💕

  7. Very beautiful poetry ❤️

  8. Yes always!
    Love is SO Powerful Neha and can be found in so many places❤️

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  10. Beautiful! ☀️ I felt like it was for me. Glad to have stopped by ❤️

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  12. Lovely. ☺

  13. Love can be so emotional
    No one can ever avoid to live without dreaming to be loved

  14. Beautiful Post

  15. The question is, did she find it? Or how long she has to seek? Is there even an end to it?

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