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Best Blogging Tips – Shared by Bloggers!

Hello Everyone,

A little while ago I had done a post asking you all to share your best blogging tips…it was back in March before Covid 19 frenzy started and I realized I hadn’t done a post with all the wonderful tips shared by fellow bloggers… Remember take everything with a grain of salt, these are just a few tips that have worked for us, use what applies to you and if it doesn’t that’s okay too! The most important thing as cliched as it may be is ” you do you” so without further delay here they are in the order I got them starting with my own haha! Continue sharing more in comments let’s be interactive with this post and share some positive energy with each other!


Personally, I feel authenticity in connecting with fellow bloggers has really helped me grow. Reading the works of others and leaving a thoughtful comment goes a long way and makes the writer/photographer want to engage with your blog instead of simply stating ” Check out my blog” without any other comment. It is actually one of things that can turn someone off towards you, as it may come across as you having no interest in that person’s blog apart from marketing your own and that does not allow for an authentic connection. We all want our works to be read but we need to put an effort to connect and genuinely read someone else’s work instead of using it as a promotional tool…promotion will happen organically if the connection is made.

– Neha,


When it comes to blogging or sharing one’s writing, we’re donning vulnerability. I’d say these three things:

1. Find your niche. (This is to also say, “Know your audience.)

2. Be authentic. If this is what you want, be ready to share yourself, your true self. Your readers, if they’re anything like me, want to connect with you. They want to relate in some way to/with what you share.

3. Read others and connect with them.

•Bonus: Have fun. Always have fun.

These things have worked for me. This is my thirteenth year on WordPress and I’ve had several blogs on here, I’ve settled on my current one. Good luck new bloggers!

– Tre,


Keep it short, or at least as succinct as possible.

– Carol,


I can’t tell you how much reading the works of others has helped my writings and given me wonderful seeds of inspiration for my own poems. I have also found that writing comments has given me great seeds of inspiration from my own comments – How Cool Is That!!!

– Chuck (The Reluctant Poet),


I’d say:

– Stay true to yourself
– Write from within
– Interact with others, go and find your tribe
– Be ready to disagree
– Share the love!

– Marie,


Relax and enjoy the process of blogging.

Check your sentence structure and spelling to be sure it is readable.

Don’t worry about follower count, your audience will build as you consistently write.

– Rebecca,


I don’t have a huge number of followers and the next few sentences will probably explain why. 1. If you are an unphotogenic old f*** like me trade your gravatar for a picture of a beautiful swan, or something. Make pictures – lots of pretty pictures and keep the written content short and relevant (like I do THAT!). Try to make your readers happy, but avoid attempting to become an ‘Influencer’ – it may happen, but there’s an awful lot already out there. Only follow blogs that genuinely interest you, so you can make your responses meaningful. I think that’s all I have to add…

– Frederick,


I like your point that our fellow writer can help us to improve our blogging skills. Because every writer has its own blogging journey and its great to share your experiences to make it more interesting and knowledgeable. Less follower is much better then buying fake followers. If we keep up the good work it will surly make a good return.

– Dirk Voltz (website not public or I could not view it in comment)

-Dolly (


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In quiet nights

when the heart rains…

with cloud of grief,

we know as pain…

silently falling,

against the mind…

and no space,

is enough to hide…

you know,

cause you have tried…

so you just lie,

under the moon,

and drift with the tune,

of the melancholic heart,

as it rains.

poetry copyright neha 2020/ image from pexels credit goes to original artist