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Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

27 thoughts on “Hope

  1. This is a beautiful poem and reminder Neha. Thanks for keeping hope, poetry, and beauty alive. Hugs and blessings…

  2. Hope will survive……I believe in that. Thank you for the post.

  3. We have to hope. We have to believe we are not alone. Otherwise we are lost. Beautiful thoughts, lovely poem.

  4. Beautiful!πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ’―

  5. Hi, Happy day. Thank you for sharing these wonderful uplifting words in these dark days. I have re-blogged. Take Care. Keep Safe.

  6. Beautiful poetry conveying powerful deep sentiments in words of simplicity. Very well written piece. Thank you!

  7. A beautiful positive thought so relevant for the ties we all are locked in.

  8. I love this! ✍🏼

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