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Share what made you smile today…


Hello Everyone,

Amidst these dark times, it’s hard to remember things that still make us smile…but I feel now more than ever we should share some positivity…I was in a funk today, nervous about what’s going on around the world having my family scattered all over…but then I noticed my son drawing (read scribbling) for the first time and it made me smile… all the little things like this are precious…I would love to hear what made you smile today in the comment section! Let’s keep looking for that rainbow behind the clouds!


rainbow rain

Β image borrowed from pexels


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32 thoughts on “Share what made you smile today…

  1. Yeah ,little smiles are hidden in small things only….like at present I am spending some time with my family and I am enjoying it.

  2. Love your work πŸ˜…πŸ’—, check out my posts as well πŸ™Š

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  4. I was touched by what you wrote, and I couldn’t agree more! I mentioned you on my blog ( ) as well. Thank you for sharing this !

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  6. It’s difficult not to feel out of sorts these days. Generally I can depend on the pets to cheer me up. My cat Millie is particularly naughty, and for some reason I relish her naughtiness. She can do no wrong. Spoiled. πŸ™‚

  7. Strange times. My family and I continue to clear out the parents house – I am still living here after spending my mom’s last twelve years staying with her – and so my sister in law dropped by yesterday to work on the list of paintings and small sculptures the parents had gathered through the years, and then we sat and told old family stories. Very moving recollections, reminding us of why we are struggling to preserve life for all of us in the larger community.

  8. After being confined in a high rise condo with no access to front or the backyard, I was happy to see my son play hangman with his school mates during one of the remote learning school meetings. Kids can find happiness in the bleakest of the moments.
    Sometimes we just put the music on in the middle of the day and dance as a family.

  9. The gorgeous weather and taking the laptop outside for working, progressing well with my projects today, a peaceful and productive day! Yay!

  10. Such a great picture πŸ™‚ What made me smile today was the fresh breeze coming in through the open window. It was very uplifting to the spirits πŸ™‚

  11. If parents are struggling with managing homeschooling, my website has lots of helpful articles. Good luck, guys! xx

  12. I’m grateful for my health and the people who are working the front lines in service to keep us fed, safe, sheltered, etc. Watching kids who are young enough to have filters usually brings a smile to my face. I’m glad you’re enjoying the time with your son.

  13. Took my dog out early and watched her run for the sheer joy of it. Broke my heart and mended it all at once.

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