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Daybreak #Writephoto

And for a moment
you let the dark clouds
of your mind
in the distant horizon,
as you let your heart
be full from the gratitude
you felt,
watching daybreak.


poetry copyright neha 2020/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent



Inspired by #Writephoto prompt by the fabulous Sue Vincent.



That night…

we spoke to our dreams,

lost in the reckless storm,

out in the sea…

we rose with the tides,

high and free,

That night…


That night,

we flew on the winds,

forgetting the ‘hows’ and ‘whys’

drenched under the wild skies,

we let go of our sins,

That night…


That night

we opened our souls,

to drown in love


free google image/ poetry copyright neha 2020


Enchanted Rain

So many memories,

fall like enchanted rain,

of another time, another place…

When you held my hand, and hugged me,

cupped my little face, in your palms…

and now as I stare at the clear skies,

waiting with the deep blue ocean,

as the wind blows by, 

I hug you in my heart…

hoping, my hand will reach your soul.


poetry and image copyright neha 2020