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Happy World Kindness Day!


Tread gently,
for behind those eyes you see
lies a lady
dreaming her last dream…

Tread gently,
for behind those eyes,
lies a child
looking at the skies
for the first time…

Tread gently,
for behind those eyes
lies a man
building his home of imagination…

Tread gently,
for behind those eyes
lies a person
whose heart was broken a million times
but they still send a smile
to the new day….

Tread gently,
for the world awaits…
in hope for kindness.



Poetry and photo copyright Neha 2019


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

40 thoughts on “Happy World Kindness Day!

  1. Beautiful poem to honor kindness ❤

  2. Reblogged this on The Light Behind the Story and commented:
    I didn’t know it was world kindness day until I saw this beautiful poem:

  3. Thank you for the kindness and beautiful words you share here, my friend!

  4. Everybody has their story and their own road to walk. Thank you for this important reminder. We need to pause before we judge because we cannot know their story.

  5. Fantastic Imagery 😎 👏😎 👏

  6. So perfect! We truly never know what everyone else’s walk is like. Always be kind. Happy Kindness day to you too!

  7. Beautiful. None of us knows the inside of another. Best to practice kindness. 💜

  8. Loved how your elegant and simple presentation was so insightful and powerful too!! Bellissimo, My Dear!!
    xoxo 💖🌹✨😊

  9. Tread gently and let the moment of kindness seep in your soul.Beautiful words Neha

  10. Forgottenmeadows, what a gorgeous poem. I enjoy reading it.

  11. Beautifully written, Neha. The repetition of the first verse in each stanza and also the almost repetition of other words give great emphasis to this piece.

  12. The entire poem has gorgeous imagery. I like how you have dedicated each stanza to a different prototype of human being: the elderly woman who is about to die, the newborn child discovering the world, the man building his future and the person whose heart has been broken so many times but still believes in the kindness of strangers. “Tread gently”, yes. I love your poem!

  13. This is a nice post. I love it 🥰.

    Please can you show a little kindness by checking out my blog? It would put a big smile on my face. It will also encourage me to do more, thanks 😊

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