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Authenticity in the Age of Social Media – Share your thoughts…


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Hello Everyone,

I have recently come across multiple posts and videos that talk about “being your true authentic self” from celebrities and non celebrities alike. Although I believe in the sentiment, I find the term to be overused and often misrepresented by individuals simply trying to be part of a fad. “Speak your truth” and “be yourself” have become popular tags than authentic sentiments. I find it to be an irony and want to know what your thoughts are on the matter. Genuineness is such an appealing quality and something that I always look for in people…it has become harder to find under the veil of social media. Would love to hear you out in comments and perhaps compile a follow-up post with some of your thoughts on the matter. Please include your blog url to be considered. There is no deadline for participation yet, I will close comments once I feel we have reached a substantial number. Please be professional with your words, rude or hateful comments will be removed.


Thank you and hope to see you all participate in the discussion!


Happy Friday!





Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

12 thoughts on “Authenticity in the Age of Social Media – Share your thoughts…

  1. Happy Friday Neha! I don’t think people are obliged to reveal their life story on the internet and think it is rather unwise. We can be authentic without putting ourselves in danger of being pursued, stalked, etc. Just my thoughts on this subject. ❤

    • Thanks for sharing Holly, I agree I don’t mean sharing your life story but more so being honest about your work. Sometimes, people seem to just repeat these words for the sake of it than meaning it in their work, at least from my perception. I agree about being “authentic without putting ourselves in danger”.

      • I don’t really care what people tell me about themselves, I am really only interested in reading and seeing their art, poetry, writing, whatever creativity they want to share.

  2. I am sure my friends are very happy that I don’t share all my thoughts about them and their behavior… Sometimes it is nice to wear a polite mask for everyone’s benefit.

    • haha true, I do not mean authenticity as in sharing your personal lives but more so being authentic about what we present, sometimes I feel I hear a lot of words saying that they are ‘being honest’ in their work without actually seeing it. Thank you for sharing, I love this engagement!

      • I do understand! My authenticity is a result of my growing up in Glasgow, Scotland. Your peers make sure that you are being your true self… Boasting is frowned upon and sometimes that is inhibiting. Living in Europe, Africa and America has made me ‘ go with the flow’ as regards culture and authenticity in work and personal life. Frankly, I think my colleagues think I am ‘interesting’. 😁

  3. I feel like it has become a buzz word – recognized but without depth. To be authentic involves self-awareness as well as a consciousness for one’s role in the greater scheme of life. Not to be confused with self-centred, or self-serving.

  4. authentic and the Net have very little in common. Celebrities talk one way and live another.

  5. I believe that authenticity comes without company. People are easily influenced on social media and it doesn’t help them find their true selves.

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