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Fall Blogs Recommendations – Nomination Request


Hello Everyone,

Hope all of you are enjoying the last few days of summer, as we approach fall I would love to do a round of blog recommendations for the season. Nominations are now open and will close at the end of this month October 15, 2019. Please nominate your favorite blogger/bloggers and tell my why they should be on the list in your comment. Please be sure to include the blog url and a link to your own blog to be considered. I look forward to seeing your recommendations and sharing the final list of both the nominators and the nominees in October. Meanwhile, do check out my previous recommendations under the recommendations tag and visit all the lovely bloggers who bring so much talent to this sphere.


Thank you and have a lovely weekend ahead!




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13 thoughts on “Fall Blogs Recommendations – Nomination Request

  1. My favorite blogger is Vee. She writes with her heart and about her personal life. I find her blog very real so I want to nominate her. Her blog is

    Name of my blog is ‘Believe Strong’. I write about life, people, emotions, relationships and blogging.
    It is my blog

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  3. My favorite blog for the surreal poetry and brilliant writing has always been Devika’a Mathur ” May valiant soul”

    and here is the link to my blog

  4. One of my very favorite blogs is from Christy Birmingham. She is a very dear friend, an inspiration and strive to empower women and make a difference in the world. Her blog covers a variety of topics and issues.

    My blog link is

    Thank you, Neha, always!

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  6. My favorite blogger is Ste J. His blog address is: He blogs about the many, many books that he reads and also about his life and things that capture his interest. It is a fun and informative blog.

    My blog link is: I blog about writing.

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  8. Please let me nominate this beautiful blog of Resa McConaghy at It is beautiful and so much work goes into it. She”s an amazing and gifted designer! Resa’s Art Gowns.