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Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition!



Hello Everyone,

Thank you to everyone who participated in the Spring Blog Nominations, I appreciate you taking the time to mention your favorite blogs! This is what I love most about this community…  how generous people are to give a shout out to fellow bloggers and artists, and build this strong network that we have. Without much further adieu, below are your favorite blogs followed by a few of my favorites! Do Check out the nominators and their recommended blogs, I believe all of the nominators are some of my personal favorites, also do check out my previous blog recommendations and stay tuned for future ones!


**Please note they are in no specific order, just based in the same order as nominations in my comments. My personal recs are listed at the end. 🙂 They are all equally great in my eyes!


Best Spring Blog Recommendations:


Nominator: Carol Hopkins (

In Carol’s words about her nominees:

” I would like to nominate Blindzanygirl ( her poetry is amazing and wonderful. I would also like to nominate Celenia Delsol’s blog, A New Normal ( . Celenia writes from the heart about grief, sorrow, and moving forward. She is gutsy, honest, and forthright while being compassionate and empathetic. Both these women write blog posts I do my best not to miss for they hit the mark every time and leave me with insights I may not have thought of prior to reading their stuff. Check them out!”


Nominator: Dorinda Duclos (

In Dorinda’s words about her nominees:

“I’d love to nominate Cindy Knoke’s blog. Her photography literally takes your breath away and her commentary with the photos is always so wonderful to read! Cindy’s blog is and mine is

I’d also like to nominate Walt Page, affectionately known as The Tennessee Poet. His poetry speaks from the heart and draws on Walt’s own life experiences. He is a joy to read. Walt’s link is “



Nominator: Michelle Marie (

In Michelle’s words about her nominee: 

“…I would like to nominate Paul Militau’s blog at His photography is amazing and he’s a long time friend of mine. I love how he shows us his world though his camera lens.”



Nominator: Cynical Wordsmith (

In his words about his nominee:

“I’d like to nominate I find the abstract photography very interesting and the use of colors very thoughtful
I’d also like to nominate The poetry I find moving and I rather enjoy their open source poetry projects. “



Nominator: Syl (

In his words about his nominees:

” I would like to nominate Annette . Her angel messages, haikus and poetry are filled with inspiration, perspective and a dose of humor. I get a spiritual boost through her blog!
Also I would like to nominate Erika (Share Your Light). Her blog is truly inspiring, with her Daily Kind Quotes, Just A Thought post, music posts and very insightful Monday posts. Self development , coming into the awareness of who you are, is the message she delivers through her blog.”



Nominator: Marie (

In her words about her nominees:

” I’d like to share Trizia blog ( – she is a beautiful warrior and following her journey is like holding a key to brighter days.
I’d like to share Kim’s blog too ( – she is my best of best. No filter with her. She is RAW and this is what makes the difference in this world.” 



Below are some of my personal recommendations, some new some old but all great. I absolutely love how these blogs use their talent and creativity to keep you coming back for more. I have listed them in order of their main category with links to their blogs, many of them are versatile and post other things as well! Please note due to my personal time constraints I have not been able to write about each of them but know that they all are wonderful blogs I highly recommend and feel you should check out!




Poetry and Literature:











Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

37 thoughts on “Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition!

  1. Thank you, Neha! I’m honored to be among such wonder people! ❤️

  2. Thank you, Neha! I am always honored to be mentioned among so many wonderful blogs in the community.

  3. How nice Neha!
    I feel blessed being around you and such nice people and precious voices.
    Thank you

  4. My gosh.. thank you so much for this love being showered upon my blog. Syl is such a fabulous energy of love and light himself. ❤

  5. –How sweet of Marie.

    This is what spurs writers forward to use her/his VOICE))

    Congrats on the other nominees!

  6. Oh wow this is a huge surprise because I nominated my friend Paul for his photography and his blog! Thank you so much for your kindness and your beautiful words that you share from the heart. ❤ Blessing to you. Have a blessed day!

  7. Reblogged this on Tell Me About It and commented:
    Neha’s Best Blogs – Spring 2019 Edition! Thank you sweet friend and many blessings to you ❤

  8. Thank you for making me aware, Neha! This such a beautiful idea of you. I feel honored that I am even considered as a nominee! What a wonderful surprise today 💖

  9. Thanks so much for including me, dear Neha 😘😘🖤🖤 it means a lot. Wishing you the best 🍀

  10. Thanks to you Dorinda for nominating me, and to Neha for finding me worthy of inclusion. 😊💛

  11. I knew Dorinda had nominated me for which I am deeply touched by her kindness, but I did miss seeing this here. I must have read right over it. I’m sorry and thank you for including me with a community of such wonderful bloggers. Bloggers rock and so do you! Thank you and Dorinda for your kindness.

  12. Reblogged this on Walt's Writings and commented:
    I am truly honored to have been nominated and included in the Spring Edition of the 2019 Best Blogs!I am humbled to be included in such a prestigious list of talented bloggers.My thanks to Dorinda Duclos of Night Owl Poetry for her nomination and to Neha for finding me worthy of inclusion. 😊❤

  13. Oh my! I discovered this this morning. I am so touched and so humbled by this. Many many thanks to Carol Hopkins for nominating me. I just feel so amazed. And than,you Forgotten Meadows for seeing me as worthy of inclusion. Being blind, I find things a bit hard to follow, so not sure if I have to do anything as in other kinds of No inations. But my grateful thanks to both yourself and Carol. 😊

  14. Reblogged this on and commented:
    I am humbled and amazed and so happy to have been nominated for this. Thankyou SO much Carol, for this, and for your lovely wirds about my blog. And thankyou Neha for including me. This really uplifted me this morning. Thankyou SO much, 😊

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