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Open Letter to 22


Dear 22,

I see you
In my rearview,
Stark contrast to the crying baby,
I now hold in my arms.

22 I see you,
Twirling in the perfect dress
In your ‘perfect’ shape that you call
A ‘work in progress’…
Unknown of the scars you will bear
When birthing your child…
Unknown of the uphill climb it will take
To get back to this shape,
You may or may not reach,
While you struggle to find,
The ‘now perfect’ dress
That will hide, your imperfections.

22 I see you,
Wake up early 
for your first real job
After a good night’s sleep
While I go on my 2nd day with no sleep
And a sick baby… But 22, I want you to know I adore you,
I am proud of you for chasing your dreams
And smiling against all odds,
Just like how you will smile,
With a sick baby in your arms
Reminiscing about the times you were young
But never for once trade who you have become…
A warrior with battles to fight
A cook that creates a storm at night
A lover who lives to love
And above all
A mom,
Who holds this baby in her arms…
22, I see you.


Me on my 22nd bday many years ago haha…
poetry and image copyright neha 2019













You can also find this piece on my Instagram handle @doodlesandmusingsofnewmom (


Happy National Poetry Month to all my fellow poets, I will try to write a new poem everyday this month, starting with the one above!


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

25 thoughts on “Open Letter to 22

  1. Nice!

  2. Pingback: Mystery Blogger Award – lauravent69

    • Congratulations on your award and thank you so much for the nomination. Unfortunately, I no longer do awards due to time restrains but I appreciate you thinking of me with much gratitude and love ❤
      PS: WordPress would not let me comment on your page…:(

  3. Neha another awesome poem. It is full of self discovery, determination and love. Beautiful!

  4. Never let go of that warrior inside and keep on doing what you do. Inspiring poem, my friend.

  5. Beautiful, original and powerful! Sadly we have too much pressure on our physical looks, especially women. These lines are so expressive of this:

    “The ‘now perfect’ dress
    That will hide, your imperfections.”

    Why can’t we just love ourselves and others with those imperfections? Why do we have to hide them? Can’t we just love the perfection of imperfection? Even Lana Del Rey sings “will you still love when I’m no longer young and beautiful” and “will you still love me when I shine from words but not from beauty”. What is this? Aren’t we beautiful anymore when we become mothers and when we get older? I wrote this poem which looks more like a women’s rights manifesto:

  6. A lovely write about the battles and the suffering we endure.

  7. Awe… Marvelous 😎🥀

  8. Very nice Neha.
    We all carry battles, pains and joys. I love the way you embrace who you were and rejoice in who you are.
    Stay blessed

  9. just going through some emails and dropped in on this one. very nice piece!!

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