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36 thoughts on “Open Roads

  1. Your words never fail to move the reader. This is splendid.

  2. As a frequent traveler this one speaks loud and clear to me! πŸ™‚ Those open roads are always calling

  3. Lovely poem Neha. I’ve been feeling an itch for the open road too!

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  5. Fabulous πŸ₯€πŸ˜Ž

  6. Aha..the vagabond heart, the wanderer mind.

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  8. We can travel anywhere if we follow our heart’s paths and our intuition, right?, beautiful verses, dear Neha. Have an awesome Sunday β™₯️β™₯️😘😘β™₯️β™₯️

  9. Lovely poem, Neha. You expressed very well what the curious heart of a traveler feels.

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