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Blogger to Blogger – Join in and share your love this holiday season!


Dec 21, 2018 Update –  Thank you to everyone who participated, stay tuned for the final post highlighting some favorite bloggers! Comments are now closed!



Hello Everyone,

Hope you are all having a wonderful December. As you may know I have not been able to be here much, as I take care of my newborn and I do miss reading all your work! I would like to highlight some of my fav and new bloggers and would love if you all can join in and mention a blogger you would like me to highlight in the comments. Rules are simple – You cannot nominate yourself, use hateful language or promote a business. The category of blog can be anything from poetry, photography, travel, cooking and anything between that makes you feel good about reading the blog. Write one or two lines about why you like the blog you nominate and leave a link of the blog and your blog with your comment. No more than 2 nominations per person. Deadline to comment will be until December 20, 2018. I will go through the list and include the blogs that follow the rules along with the blog (person) who mentions the nominee! 🙂 Hope you can all participate!

Happy Holidays – Share the love! 🙂



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21 thoughts on “Blogger to Blogger – Join in and share your love this holiday season!

  1. That is a great idea Neha. I follow so many wonderful bloggers on WP. It is difficult to choose just two of them to mention here. But since every game has its rules and here the rule is to pick 2, here I go..
    I recently did a blog tour and book review of a wonderful book called The Kooky Kids’ Club. I would like to nominate Shalini @
    Shalini’s book reviews are something that I look forward to and I got do the blog tour and book review through Shalini.

    I would also like to nominate the author of the book, Robbie Yates here. I love his books and his blog.

    And a link to my blog is:

    Thank for letting me share the love…

  2. I would like to shine some love on Baffled Mum. She is one of my favs! Baffle Mum has a variety of blog topics, and they are very fun and inspirational reads.

    Here is a link to her blog:

  3. First of all: Congratulations to your percious baby, Neha. I had no idea. This is so exciting!! YAY! What a wonderful Christmas this will be for you and your family.
    I’d like to nominate Sylvester of
    His poetry is touching the heart at the perfect spot to inspire and encourage.

  4. I would like to nominate ‘Whippet Wisdom’ who posts so many beautiful words and photos… They always lift me. Here is a link to her latest blog:

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  6. A beautifully generous idea Neha. Congratulations on your newborn. All the best to you. It’s hard to choose. From all the amazing sites at WP, but I adore Gigi’s Rethinking Life (Hit and Run) and Resa’s Graffiti Lux and Murals, also Resa’s Gowns( she is a designer and genie! ). There are too many I could name but these are really special! ♥️

  7. Neha, this is wonderful! I’d like to nominate Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo. Sue not only shares other blogs but writes beautiful poetry and intriguing posts herself. I always enjoy reading her.

  8. Hi, Neha. Hope I’m not too late. I would like to nominate two inspiring blogs that always give me a lift on a daily basis. Ritu and Erika
    There are so many wonderful and inspiring people here on WP! Thank you for this great idea! Have a wonderful and blessed Holiday season!!

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