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Sonnet in the Sky – Happy Earth Day


In the quiet hum of the rising sun

where hearts sigh,

My beautiful earth gently spun,

writing a sonnet in the sky.

Spinning like nobody was watching,

My earth danced away…

Unaware of the lives it was touching,

in every part of the day.

Splattering the colours of its soul.

my earth sung with the trees

and that song made me whole,

As I felt the morning breeze.

My earth, my earth, my earth, where would I go without you?

Your poetry feeds my soul, you cast away all my blues. 


poetry and image copyright neha 2018



Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

33 thoughts on “Sonnet in the Sky – Happy Earth Day

  1. A lovely sonnet and tribute to Mother Earth.

  2. Wow, this is just beautiful! Where, indeed, would we be without Earth’s poetry!

  3. Love this… The earth is so beautiful. ❤

  4. Inspiring for today and for every day….! ✨So beautiful tribute to our Mother 🌏!💗

  5. Beautiful and wonderful words for Earth day. Thank you.

  6. So beautiful this poem lady.

  7. What a lovely sonnet. Great post. Keep Glittering,… Love TGA by Misha

  8. “My earth, my earth, my earth, where would I go without you?”

    Fabulous line. Great piece.

  9. What a lovely sonnet, full of feelings and reminders to appreciate Mother Earth. Well done Neha!

  10. Such Groovy scenes. 😎🥀😎🥀😎🥀😎🥀

  11. Unaware of the lives it was touching… I think that’s a beautiful and very though-provoking line. Wonderful imagery in your poem.

  12. I appreciate this so much, it’s beautiful!

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