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To Fellow Bloggers, Share Your Thoughts – Need for positive space


Hello Everyone,

I thought I would do another engagement exercise and get your thoughts on the importance of positivism and positive space. As a poet and writer, I am often more sensitive than most when I feel negative energy around me and I always try to surround myself with positive thoughts and people. I would love to learn how you feel about the need of positive space and how negativity affects one’s perspective and well being. Please share your thoughts by April 11, 2018 to be considered for sharing. If you are new to my engagement/collaboration posts you can see an example here. Hope to see many of you participate!


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I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

42 thoughts on “To Fellow Bloggers, Share Your Thoughts – Need for positive space

  1. Several years ago I came to the conclusion I needed to do some spring cleaning with my life. I slowly started moving away from everyone negative in my life. It took all the dark clouds away. Life is so rewarding now. Then, I read The Secret. And now I only bask in love appreciation forgiveness hope and joy.
    A much more rewarding life.

    Have a wonderful week.

  2. The older I get the more I notice that I cannot be in the surrounding of negative people. It is taking my breath and in some way they exhaust me. I also cannot be in an atmosphere of disharmony. If I can I get out of the way of negative people but surround myself with positive ones. I am a therapist and I don’t mind being with people who are going through difficult times or have to work something out. Of course, they can be negative. But that is not affecting me. What really scares me away is when I feel such a cold negative cloud coming from people.

  3. It takes lots of energy for me to consciously block or protect myself from negative or angry energies. I’m better at it as I’ve gotten older though I’d rather not have to be good at dealing with unsafe or unhappy people in my personal life or among professional peers. In a treatment role, as a provider working with people who were coming to receive care being around their energies was and is still considered work. This work while a labor of love requires a balance of rest, joy, gratitude and all the other good feelings to refuel.

  4. Life’s too short and precious to be around negative people and to be consumed by negative thoughts. I deliberately stay away from the news these days and I do my best to surround myself with positive uplifting people, both in my real world and in my blogging space. Life’s taken on such a new light of appreciation and I feel so much more mindful and grateful for everything in my world these days. Smile and the world will smile with you. ❤️

  5. I am very sensitive to this too. What’s worse is that in the age of social media and round-the-clock news, it seems ever harder to keep negative energy at bay. I find it no wonder that a large portion of the population struggles with anxiety and depression as a result. Positive space is crucial to me, as I start feeling physically ill if I get too overwhelmed with stress. I really have to limit the time I spend with stressful people. I take frequent breaks from facebook, as it seems to be one of the more hostile social media platforms these days! I find that sad too,, because it’s how I keep in touch with family and friends, since no one wants to call each other anymore. I also have my favorite “retreat spaces” in my local area like the library (I always feel good around books!) and the botanical gardens. Keeping my spirit healthy and happy is required for my ability to write, and I’m glad I have my own little spots to find comfort.

    • Yes, it is sad how parts of our society is suffering these days, I love the library or book stores too, books are so therapeutic…it is indeed important to keep the spirit healthy and happy…Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Surprisingly, I just finished writing a poem on it!
    One of my concepts is that one’s life is affected by both thier thoughts and their experiences. So it’s all about a balance between them. Sometimes when our experiences turn negative, we must make sure that we keep our thoughts extra positive. If we maintain that balance, then during the occassion of our mind getting negative, the experiences around will become extra positive. That’s the balance of nature!

    You can view my poem here:


  7. Negativity is draining. As a Writer, a creative individual, I pursue all efforts to keep it a bay. If it seeps into my work, it messes with my mind. A positive environment is key to keep me free of being weighed down.

    I need that.
    It’s most important.

  8. You can create positive space not with just positive thoughts but also with positive actions. Keep your spirit flowing with good energy. Sometime we absorb the negative energy of others without knowing and we carry that energy with us. It really does affect us mentally and physically. I believe taking some time out daily to meditate, pray or just relax the mind can help. Thank you, Neha!

  9. Sweet Neha, like you, I am far too sensitive to deal with negativity in anything larger than single teaspoon dose!
    So I have active measures to minimize my exposure.
    I no longer have cable; I no longer watch the news …. which was a nasty dose of daily ugly I can do without! I extricated myself from the sensationalism of wild online click bait stories. I never click! I threw Twitter away. If it means I cannot join in on a lunchroom round table about some horrible event, so be it. I politely excuse myself and say “I haven’t heard”.
    Since joining WordPress 9 months ago it’s been my personal choice to see out stories of the heart; to commend and encourage and spread warmth.
    Of course I will occasionally allow myself to read the painful posts … for even if they bring me down the mere act of thanking the author for their courage fills me with a warmth that is always reciprocated.
    Creating a positive experience online has flooded my day to day interactions almost exclusively with happiness, tolerance and calm. Of course I still encounter grey souls, but my passive nature seems to cope better with them than ever before.
    I’ve been called “an angel” from some of the younger blogger’s online … so sweet, but it saddens me to think that I’ve been elevated to that stature merely by being a warm, engaged human being. This is the default behaviour that should define us, not place us in the spotlight.
    Dear Neha, your blog is a positive space that contributes to my wellbeing – and I’m thankful. Namaste!

    • You as always have well penned the sad stature of what’s happening around us…I love this platform for the positive individuals I have come across, including yourself, and the warmth and engagement you provide is hard to come across on day to day interactions…I can see why they call you an “angel”, i think it comes from the connection you create, it’s like a touch of magic and good energy shared with the heart…Thank you so much for sharing and your kind words about my blog, I feel the same about yours! ❤

  10. Interesting feedback here. Like most others, I prefer being around positive and uplifting energy. And I’ve also found that blocking everything negative doesn’t work for me. As I’ve come to accept my own emotional ups and downs, and darkness, I’ve learned to be more compassionate about other people.

  11. Interesting reflections, I think we all have ups and down, and I thank you for sharing. Have a great day as well!

  12. I find when I face negativity, it brings out a darker side to my poetry. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing! While being positive is always much better, this can help you can find the other side of yourself, sort of like the Yin to your Yang. I love to close myself up in my office and just write. The more quiet I have, the more I can hear my thoughts, and eventually, my thoughts become words. Like you, Neha, I am more sensitive to my surroundings and the energies it produces. I think we all need to find our niche, where we feel most comfortable about ourselves and our writing.

  13. Recently a friend of mine told me ,” I am going through an emotional turmoil. I am feeling very low. I should probably start a blog.” It made me think. Think a lot. I wanted to tell her that I don’t write because I am depressed. I write when I am feeling good and when I am not feeling so good. When I write I come of the “not so good” space if I am in one of them. Negativity can be a catalyst for writers. We write to get out of that space. We also write so that we don’t go back to that space. Every experience gets etched in our mind and it comes out through words or pictures. There is no way we can shield ourselves from the negativity around. All we can do is to learn to deal with it.

    • Well put, and it is true that we cannot shield ourselves…for me negative space isn’t necessarily when I am feeling low, it’s more about dealing with bad intentions…that I do try and avoid. Thank you so much for sharing your reflective comment!

  14. I was in a really dark place not too long ago and my writing was an outlet for it all. It made me more confident and just understand that my feelings were valid and I was important. It made me feel special. Because of that I decided that I would no longer let people tell me who I am and bring negativity my way and have been getting rid of the negativity in my life. It is still a process but I am in a much better space now

  15. I stopped posting on my blog for awhile because I felt I was only writing negative things even though it was a safe outlet. However I still wrote. I now wonder whether I should post some things because I am no longer there. I feel like I should write a disclaimer – not feeling this now! I like writing using suggestions and poetic forms to write more objectively too. As for negative people as long as I know that’s how they affect me I ration any interaction so that I am in charge. I also think how to react in a different way to them – sometimes they cut me out instead!

    • Thank you so much for sharing your reflection and journey…I think as writers we all go through ups and downs and it’s good that you ration your interaction with negative people. 🙂

  16. When I feel low and discouraged I need to create something no matter if it is wonderfully crafted or just a humble attempt. When my father died I started to review the work of a poet friend of mine and that helped me a lot. I created my blog with humble writing attempts and this review that perhaps you and others will like:

  17. Thank you. I love your poems, they are so full of hope and musicality, like a fresh breeze that gently touches you. And yes, couldn’t agree more with you: When there is pain in your life you need to be creative.

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