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To Fellow Bloggers, Share Your Thoughts – Need for positive space

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would do another engagement exercise and get your thoughts on the importance of positivism and positive space. As a poet and writer, I am often more sensitive than most when I feel negative energy around me and I always try to surround myself with positive thoughts and people. I would love to learn how you feel about the need of positive space and how negativity affects one’s perspective and well being. Please share your thoughts by April 11, 2018 to be considered for sharing. If you are new to my engagement/collaboration posts you can see an example here. Hope to see many of you participate!


image copyright neha 2018



Carved #WritePhoto

Gently against the green,
of earth’s forgotten moors,
you carved on the old rocks,
the ancient magic of the souls,
that spread the whispers of freedom,
in your heart.


image borrowed from Sue Vincent/ poetry copyright neha 2018


In response to #WritePhoto prompt by the talented Sue Vincent.