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Happy National Puppy Day!


Happy Friday Everyone and here is more Oreo cuteness with this flashback photo from when he was mere 6 weeks old πŸ™‚ ❀ ❀


image copyright neha 2018


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45 thoughts on “Happy National Puppy Day!

  1. How adorable. I want one, but that will stay that size, Toy.

  2. Happy Puppy Day, Oreo! (And you too, Neha!) ❀

  3. Now that is a cute dog! And Oreo is the perfect name.

  4. Ah! it is! Then I must take Tide to the Dog Park! That’s an adorable puppy!

  5. Aww, how precious! Happy Friday! And Happy National Puppy Day too!

  6. Awww.this warmed up my heart in more ways than one…I had a double bone Black Labrador while growing up…Happy puppy day to you too Neha!

  7. So cute resembles like the soft toys we see in shops and interesting name ‘Oreo’.

  8. Oh my word …. what a bundle of happy fluff .. gorgeous!

  9. Happy Puppy Day Oreo! πŸ™‚

  10. Happy Puppy Day! ❀ Oreo ❀

  11. No cuter pup ever there was!

  12. How adorable! Our puppies, no matter how big they get, become a big part of our families. ❀🐢

  13. Thanks for sharing Oreo’s cuteness with us. Happy Puppy Day!

  14. OMG! Your puppy is adorable ❀

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