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Question – Why do you create (write/ take pictures/ draw/ cook)?


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Hello Everyone,

I thought I would do an engagement exercise and learn more about my wonderful blogging community…I would like to know, Why do you create? Whether it’s a piece of writing or an art work…whether it’s waiting for hours for that perfect picture or mastering the perfect recipe…

Why do you create? Would love to read your comments and might add the most liked comment to the post ! Hope to hear from all of you! This exercise will be open until the end of February!

Thank you!


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Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

28 thoughts on “Question – Why do you create (write/ take pictures/ draw/ cook)?

  1. I see each of my creations (stories and poems) as a mother sees her child. They will be the traces of me that will be left in this world forever!

  2. Because it was an introduction to public writing. I learned that creativity is infinite, you just have to tune in to the vibe that get your juices flowing (different types of music equate to various moods and types of writing). Being new to writing, I also learned that the emotions extend through the pen, which can be very liberating when done with grace. You have to laugh at yourself and life a lot, or you are stuck on something that needs releasing. Thank you to those that “discover” me.

  3. I create to tap into my Deep Beauty within me that fills me with indescribable JOY. Using the Talents I was given gives me such pleasure. It is also THE means to show whoever views my work my Heart and Soul. My Gifts free me to soar, to fly, to merge with profound Satisfaction. This is who I am, Neha. My Gifts show the world who I am. I couldn’t stop this Flow within me even if I tried. I feel cleansed somehow many times when I finish something I began creating. And to be able to share this ME with others, is a great privilege!! 🌸🌸🌸

  4. I write/blog firstly for mindfulness. I’ve been soul-searching during the last couple of years and through counselling came to realise I’d rarely taken time out of my day for me. Just me. I’d done things for the family, for friends, for parents.
    Now I am doing something just for me.
    Discovering new people – like you!
    Communicating with them too – like now!
    Have a great week and if you live in the UK, stay warm and free of snowdrifts❄️

  5. Why do I create or write or what inspires me to be who I am; is God, Jesus, their Spirit that binds them All. Here is My Wish to You !!


    I wish you more joy,
    than sorrow, one can give.

    More love than,
    your heart can confine.

    More laughter,
    than tears.

    More courage,
    than fears.

    More memories,
    than any precious stones.

    I wish you more sunshine,
    than darkness or shadows.

    More comfort than,
    trouble or pain.

    More grace than,
    gratitude needed.

    And more days filled,
    with rainbows than showers.

    My Wish To You!

    Copyrights© | Creative Essence’s Creative Writing™|
    William P. Darnell Sr. | All Rights Reserved |
    The moral right of the author has been asserted |
    Year Posted 2004

  6. I always had a spiritual connection with God and His love, and he inspires me to always create! People who know the creator, are blessed with that spirit of creation, to lift and inspire always. That is my gift from Him…and with that creative spirit within…it is a healing blessing to me every day. Your idea inspires. Hugs and blessings to you and your family!

    All I Think Of

    Where my treasure
    lies so deep within
    is the only place
    where one will find

    In my blissful dreams
    where I silently wait
    deep in my sleep are
    You held so true.

    In my awakened state
    where my mind does
    paint, perfect images
    of the lovely things
    You do.

    One will always find
    the secret of my hearts
    love, finding each day
    all I think of Lord, is You.


  7. I write because God gave me the awesome gift of creativity and I feel He gave me that gift for a reason. Also, if I had to hold all my ideas inside my head, my poor brain would explode.

  8. I write only what God gives me, and He has asked me to share it with everyone I can. It’s a pleasure to hear everyone’s comments. And its a joy to share with others what God so freely gives me.

  9. It is seeing the finished product that makes me proud

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