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Happy New Year!

And when it was all said and done,
You were amidst the lucky ones,
Spending time with those you love,
Under the blue skies…


poetry and image copyright neha 2017 (image: mom and dad visiting us in Denver!)


Wishing my blogging friends and community a very Happy 2018! May you all find many smiles that warm your heart! ❤




Sending you all some love this holiday season! Thank you for your support all year! I am so grateful to my blogging family for your continued encouragement! ❤


Sometimes in the chaos of life, we forget…

Forget about things that matter,

Matter the most to the heart…


Heart that seems to be running

Running to catch up with time

Time that is “infinite”

Infinite yet bound to the mind


Mind that in these moments of reflections, is set free…

Free to remember what matter…who matters…and why…

Why it is so easy to be,

Be without this constant race that we feel,

Feel we need to survive to feel real, but…


But life is about those little things,

Things that make our heart smile

Smile with the people we love

Love that transcends all barriers

Barriers we have created with time

Time that is infinite…

Infinite like love.

poetry and image copyright neha 2017

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Mists of Sunrise #Writephoto

And fall said goodbye…

in the mists of sunrise,

on the first winter morning,

fading in the haze,

of forgotten meadows.


poetry copyright neha 2017/ image borrowed from Sue Vincent


In response to the weekly photo prompt by my talented friend and blogger Sue Vincent. #Writephoto





I will follow you…

to the distant corners of your mind,

till you no longer want to hide,

And I will stand outside,

your door,


For even if the world never stopped,

and people moved on,

you never left my heart,

and I will stand for as long as you need,

right here…



poetry and image copyright neha 2017