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Prayers needed for Oreo


Hello Everyone,

Oreo had an eye ulcer which burst and he will be going into surgery tomorrow night…your prayers are needed so he comes through it successfully and we can save his eye…He is the best brother ever!


Thank you all for your love that you have shown and continue to show Oreo!


Much Love!



image oreo copyright neha 2017

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oreo / image copyright neha 2016

image copyright2015 neha Oreo sleeping


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46 thoughts on “Prayers needed for Oreo

  1. Love and hugs to Oreo. I hope he is fine tomorrow. Positive thoughts being sent.

  2. Many puppy orayers going up for Oreo!! Much love to you, my friend ❤️

  3. Hope he gets better , praying❤

  4. Sending light and love to Oreo! ❤

  5. Hope he gets well quicker than soon.

  6. Prayers, and love, and good thoughts to your baby, Oreo.

  7. Aww, little precious one! I’m sending prayers and positive vibes to you both.

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  9. What a lovely boy! Best wishes for the coming few days. Lots of positive thoughts and prayers coming your way 💜

  10. I wish him the best results of the surgery. You’ll be ok soon Oreo… 🙂

  11. Love and prayers to you and Oreo.

  12. sending a boat load of prayers and positive thoughts to sweet Oreo ❤ ❤ ❤ hugs too of course ❤

  13. Dearest Neha, I will pray. My heart goes out to you. (Highway, my companion and confidante and sister these past nine years, is approaching her time of transition, and we’re doing our best to keep her comfortable, and I’m doing my best to celebrate her life…thus far, and each moment. Right now she’s hiding out in her favorite place, the dwarf apple tree whose branches reach all the way to the ground and shade and conceal her. She likes to wait there and bark and surprise bunnies, dear, delivery people… whoever might wander through. She can’t get up on her own much now, so there’s no risk of actually chasing anything… I think she’s just under there today reliving memories of volleying barks at the unsuspecting from her “fort”.) 🙂

    • aww thank you Laura and Highway is in my thoughts and prayers as she remains the queen of her fort ❤ May her days here be as happy as can be! Much love to you my friend and to Highway! ❤

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    Just wanted to update you all that Oreo had a successful surgery and should be coming home tomorrow. We have to take special care of him in the next few weeks and monitor his health but the vet thinks he should be okay…Thank you so much for all the prayers and well wishes…You guys are the best!

  15. Oh no, poor Oreo! Glad to read your update that his surgery was successful! Prayers as he heals… ❤

  16. Hope little Oreo is feeling better by now. My little Mabel sends lots of doggie love and licks x

  17. In my thoughts…. 🙂 ❤ We love our pets so much, right?… I hope everything turned out well xx

  18. I pray Oreo will get better, lots of luck for both of you. 🙂

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