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9 thoughts on “Penchant

  1. Remembered Meadows

    I lay myself down be it dawn or dusk.
    Eyes facing east or west for the cusp.
    Of a sunrise or a spectacular sunset.
    But clouds to full or rain too, to wet
    Will obscure those so magical skies.
    But err I lay, for there only a disguise
    For every day no matter the weather
    The Sun will always add much colour
    The Moon, well, it too can light fires
    Invoking love, with all of its desires.
    All words I write are all from my heart
    But the truth I have the need to impart
    Forgotten meadow, no not at all mine
    Memories of a lass, of a long ago time
    46 years gone and she’s still in my life
    For many sunrises, sets too, my wife.
    Sunrises, sunsets, and meadows too
    All memories invoked by forgottenmeadows,
    Mick Talbot 2016 a dreamer too

  2. I love chasing your clouds.

  3. Reblogged this on John Cowgill's Literature Site and commented:
    by the great Neha.

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