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Final 10 days left to contribute to #PoetsForPeace Collaboration!


Hello Everyone,

We are so happy with how far we have come with this collaboration. Not only did we surpass our expectations with our lovely community ( we have close to 200 contributions!), we are getting published with the help of our friend Laura! To see more details on publications please click here.

We wanted to remind everyone that this is the final stretch… if you still want to contribute, please do so by clicking here #PoetsForPeace, and adding your piece in the comment section. Please also mail your permission to be published to Michael at when you post your piece. 

The collaboration will close on August 31, 2016, so join us today! Multiple contributions are welcome! Please remember to add your piece in the original collaboration post listed above. 


Please help us share this message through social media and reblogs using the #PoetsForPeace hashtag.


Thank you and cheers to peace!


#PoetsForPeace Team (Michael, Marie, Neha) 


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

42 thoughts on “Final 10 days left to contribute to #PoetsForPeace Collaboration!

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    Over 200 Poets for Peace contributors!

    Will you join us?

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    Just over a week left to contribute to #PoetsForPeace. Join in and add your poem.

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    Reblogging this on Beckh G? Oh That’s me. Thank you for all the updates about this!

  6. Somehow I missed this – I’m going to be away most of the next ten days but I’ll try to do something – it’s a great cause 🙂

  7. Congratulations to this amazing success. I am not surprised. There is so much love in this world. Thank you for making it visible through your project!

  8. Thank you Judy

  9. Hello, Neha. My name is Dahlia Ibrahim with the I was approached by writingwingsforyou asking me to give you my consent to publish my poems 1. Time for Peace© and 2. The Songs Of Peace© on the coming project for Poet for Peace to publish on Praxis Magazine On-Line. Will you please give me more information of how this is done.
    I share your passion and your hope and I’m honored to contribute.

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    200+ contributions! If you haven’t already, do consider adding your voice to this amazing project!

  11. Hello Neha, I am interested to get my poems for peace published and it is pasted on your blog but I haven’t received any mail regarding giving permission for publication. Pl check at ur end n let me know the details. Cheers

  12. Hi, Please could this poem also be included in the Poets for Peace collaboration: I give my permission for it to be used by Praxis online magazine. My url is and I m from Kent, United Kingdon. Thank you

    Together we are stronger
    And our voices will be heard
    We want to join together
    And make a difference with our words
    The world has become divided
    So much blood had now been shed
    It is time to become united
    And find a peaceful way instead
    No one wants to live their lives
    With a cloud above their head
    Wondering if this is the day
    That they will end up dead
    I thought this earth we were given
    Was for all of us to share
    Regardless of our differences –
    But it seems nobody cares
    Wouldn’t it be boring?
    If we were all the same
    We need tolerance and understanding
    And a very open mind
    It doesn’t take much effort
    To be courteous and kind
    Let’s all make the effort
    To stand together and be strong
    And teach the next generations
    That we can all get along!

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