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Attention #PoetsForPeace Contributors: We are getting published & will need your help!


Hello Everyone,

This is for all present and future contributors for our collaboration #PoetsForPeace. Michael and I  are so excited to let you know that our friend and fellow blogger Laura M. Kaminski has graciously offered to help us get published in Praxis Magazine Online! Laura herself is an amazing writer and a published poet… I encourage you to check out her blog if you haven’t already done so.

In order to get published we will need  permission from our contributors who would like their piece published with this collaboration. One or all of these fields will need to be included: URL, Name, Location Contributor is writing from. “The standard Praxis copyright page at the beginning will show that copyright for contributed lines is retained by the individual contributors”.- Laura

Michael from the Poetry  Channel, will be contacting individual contributors with details soon; however, we wanted to make sure we also announce it here! Please respond as soon as possible as we want to make sure we get this process started right away and we can get everyone before it goes to publication. We may have to strip segments if we do not get the permission on time; however, Laura has assured us that she  will try her best to include everyone who gives permission!

We are so thankful to Laura for her generous offer and cannot wait to be published once we are done. Again the collaboration is open till August 31, and you can place your contribution in the comment section. Future contributors, it will be great if you can also put in your permission when you paste your piece or  Michael will be contacting you.

Stay tuned for Michael’s email! All contributions posted this week will be updated on the weekend.

We are so grateful to be in the company of such beautiful creative minds/poets!  #PoetsForPeace always!


Thank you!


Neha & Michael



Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

73 thoughts on “Attention #PoetsForPeace Contributors: We are getting published & will need your help!

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  2. Hello! Where do we submit the information? Here in the comment section? If so, my name is Carol Borrelli,, and I am in Millersville, MD; shared my poem called Soul Medley

  3. “Soul Medley”
    I sang a song for you today the exact words I can’t recall
    The tune was sad and off kilter, and the emotion was chilling and raw
    As I went to hit the high note I choked back the tears that would fall
    So I decided to wish it with a whisper…
    Happy birthday, my brother, my all

    As I looked into your eyes so blue, you said that “it’s okay”..
    “And I’ll see you soon, sooner than you know” and you said, “remember the way”…
    You pointed to the sky and flew up high, until sadly, you were out of sight

    But your words stay with me, through the dawn, through the dusk
    Through the day, through the darkness, through the night

    So I’ll sing, and sing, and sing your song, with all my strength and might
    High and strong and soft and long
    As the darkness gives way to the light.

    In memory of Joey Blanton-Harris, love your sister, Carol Borrelli

    By Carol Borrelli
    Millersville, MD

    I give permission for this to be published through the Poetry Channel #Poets for Peace project and publication

    (I do not have an assigned number for the piece)

    • perfect thank you so much it will actually be published in Praxis Magazine (Poetry channel is just Michael’s blog name) but I think this should be sufficient. Michael and I will contact you if we need anything else. Your poem will be added on the weekend if it hasn’t been already. thank you again!

      • Great, thanks, yes, you added it already, I just don’t have any record of a number. And yes, Praxis Magazine, given permission. LOL. So that’s it, I won’t bother you again. LOl. Have a blessed evening, and thanks for letting me share “my peace”.

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    Now look at that! Laura M. Kaminski supports the publishing of the #PoetsForPeace Contributions! How cool is that? If you want to leave your poem to join this amazing idea of bringing peace and light into this world you can do so until August 31!

  5. This is wonderful, Neha 🙂 I contributed a piece, but I am not certain where you want the information you requested above…here or on that original post? Also, the URL you are looking for…is that to my blog? Thank You 🙂

    • Thanks Morgan, yes it is exciting! Michael is compiling the permissions so if you can put yours in the original piece in the comment that will be great…Yes URL is the blog

    • Hello Morgan,

      Yes, you can post the information here, and Michael will pick it up. If he needs any more info, he’ll email you.
      And yes, the URL will be for your blog.

      To be clear: Your name, your email, your poem name and number, your URL and that they have your permission to publish the poem. (The good news is that all poets keep their rights.) Yay

  6. What wonderful and exciting news 🙂

  7. This is so exciting!!!! 😊

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    This is so exciting!! Read below!! Please pass it on 😊

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    Hello all! What a great gift for the world.
    We have been offered to get published on Praxis Magazine On-line!

  10. Thanks for the terrific news, Neha and Michael!

    Yes, I grant permission to have my poem included in the publication in Praxis.

    I am Stephanie L. Harper (, the URL for my poem, entitled, “O What Do We Know About Peace?” is (, and I hail from Hillsboro, Oregon. I’m hoping that Praxis will be able to include the links referenced in my subtitle, as they provide instrumental context for the piece. Let me know if this request can be accommodated in some way, and feel free to contact me with any questions!

    I am so glad to know that #PoetsForPeace is making such an impact! 🙂

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    !!! Pass this on, fellow poets!

  12. Permission granted! Thanks! No number assigned just yet from original page, where I submitted. Including it here too, just in case it is chosen.

    Peace 俳句
    one thought one breath peace
    infinite unity sounds
    heartbeats reject hate

    Penumbra Haiku

  13. Hi Neha! I have been watching this beautiful event unfold and I think it is such an incredible showing of movement towards PEACE and I am so happy to be involved!! Thank you, and all involved for the hard work you are doing to pull this project together. It is so important. Here is my submission and permission:

    Lorrie Bowden
    I grant permission to Praxis Magazine to include my poem, THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY, in the #PoetsForPeace project.



    There is a sadness in the air. Even the birds can sense that humanity is hurting, suffering.

    I look and I see mourning, and if not mourning I see fear disguised as anger and prejudice.

    The coming together eases it a bit, but I wish in time the souls who are here at any given moment could look in another’s being and recognize we are not very different at all…

    We all have a place and a right to live our lives while traveling here together.

    The ride would be so much nicer if we were surrounded by love and respect.

    Stand and offer your hand to your fellow being. Recognize that they have pain and struggle and they are just trying to get by.

    Recognize that “your way” is right for you, just as “their way” is right for them. Neither right…neither wrong…just different.

    If we could honor that the differences we see make up a WHOLE…they fill the missing pieces, and one is not better without the other…rather we are strengthened when we allow and join…

    Then we create THE WHOLE OF HUMANITY, rather than the HOLE IN HUMANITY!



    • Hi Lorie,
      Thank you for joining in, we are so glad to have you can you please re-post this post in the original collaboration post? It is just easier for me to update if all the poems are there…thank you so much for your cooperation!

      • Oops…sorry Neha! I will…certainly. Thanks again for your effort with this 😀 I will copy & paste…so being that you didn’t say anything I will believe that I included all necessary information. Have a super blessed weekend 💙💙

  14. I grant permission to Praxis Magazine to include my poem, BLAZE UP , in the #PoetsForPeace project.

    Let the assent of winter make you bold,
    Not cold .
    Let the cold breeze hitting your face ,
    Remind you of the sunny days to brace.
    Let not the ones in cage belittle your ambitions ,
    Rebel against the wrong conventions.
    Soon you will soar ,
    While they behind the locked bars shall hoar.
    The fragile are subdued by the tide of time;
    But you who’re so strong and bold,
    But you who’s a jewel more valuable than gold,
    How can YOU  yield to the surge’s swell ?
    You shall not get conquered by the whirlpool,
    because you’re the whole mighty ocean.
    You’re lightening and you’re thunder ,
    You’re a volcano and you shall not surrender.
    You can bend and you can mend ,
    You can break and you can fix ,
    You’re powerful not weak,
    You’re not the Phoenix that rises from the ashes ,
    You’ll make the ashes,
    You’re fire .

    I’m glad to know that #PoetsForPeace is making such an impact . Thankyou .

    Regards ,
    Shreya Khetan

    • Thank you Shreya for the permission and joining in our effort. Will you please paste this in the original collaboration post in the comment section it is easier to to update when it is all in one place. thank you so much for your co-operation 🙂

  15. I grant permission to Praxis Magazine to publish my story poem, Mid-August Again, in the #ProjectForPeace, by AshiAkira. I write from Tokyo, Japan. My blog url: My email address: If anything else you need, please let me know. I’m so excited to hear my stuff may be published. tks

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    It’s so beautiful, seeing so many come together for Peace. I am thankful to be a part of this project. ❤

  18. This is great! #PoetsForPeace is a great medium, glad that it is being well received.

    I grant the permission to Praxis Magazine to publish my poem ‘SICK OF BLOODSHED’

    Poem URL-

    Regards, Srilata from

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    If you’d like to contribute to #PoetsForPeace and be published in Praxis magazine this is how to. Entries will be open to the 31st August.

  20. Hi there. I was just invited to contribute, so don’t yet have a poem ‘number’! However, I am very happy to be included in the publication (of course!).

    I grant the permission to Praxis Magazine ot publish my poem, ‘LAMENT FOR LOVE LOST’.



    I am from Brighton, United Kingdom.

    Please let me know if you need anything else! A wonderful, wonderful cause.

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    A fantastic initiative.

  22. Hi there. I would be truly honored to participate in this project. I’m wondering where to post the poem and all other required information?

  23. I hope that I’ve found the correct place to post this. 🙂

    I give permission to Praxis Magazine to publish my poem “We Cannot”

    We Cannot

    We cannot live
    in fear and hate.
    We cannot live
    in a world of fear and hate.

    We cannot stand
    by either.
    Love being the only solution –
    for there can be no other.

    Fear and hate
    must be laid to rest
    so that we may go forward.

    We cannot let
    fear and hate
    wear yet another mask.

    We cannot live
    in fear or hate
    of the one, the few
    or the some.

    We cannot live in their cage.
    We cannot fear or hate
    our brothers and sisters.
    We cannot.

    We can only live
    in freedom.
    We can only live
    in love.

    Our hearts stronger
    than either.
    For fear and hate are weak.
    We are not.

    By Brenda Baker

    Originally published on my blog:
    My email:
    I currently live in Labrador City, Canada

    Please let me know if you need any more information or if this isn’t the correct place to post.

    • Hi Brenda, thank you so much will you please paste this in the original post of collaboration, it is linked to this post at the very top …if you can’t find it i will paste it from here for this time 🙂 thank you for joining in to spread peace!

      • I’m unable to find it. I’m feeling a little lost. The link is probably right in front of me, but I don’t see it. I would greatly appreciate it if you could paste it in a comment. I’m sorry for the trouble.

      • No worries, it is linked to the hastag #poetsforpeace but I will take it from here for this time. 🙂 Cheers to peace!

      • I believe that I have it. I’ll copy and paste my poem and information. Thank you so much for your help!

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  25. Congratulations on the poetry collaboration!

  26. Thank you. I have something that’s unpublished that you might like.

  27. Our World to Keep?

    As we struggle with complex inner feelings

    Clouds in our heads can send us reeling

    It’s up to us to learn as we grow

    To keeps our thoughts well in tow

    The world is our habitat to eat and sleep

    The world is our cradle to laugh and weep

    We must play our role in this thing called life

    To keep peace on earth and avoid all strife

    From sunrise to sunset it’s our world to keep

    If we reap what we sow and sow what we reap

    Originally posted om my blog
    by Eugenia (Franci Hoffman)
    email: hoffmnpl@yahoo,com
    I live in Roswell, Georgia USA

    I give permission for this to be published through the Poetry Channel #Poets for Peace project and publication

  28. original posted on my blog
    hey i will give my permission to get it published

    • please paste the poem in the comment section if you would like it to be added unless it has been added to the collaboration before, please confirm…thanks for sharing


        we fight with each other

        with reasons that seems so stupid

        saying we are different

        with skin colors black,white and tan

        we fight on religion, race ,nationality

        we say we are different ,cause of our differences and beliefs

        so we hate, kill, despise each other

        bombard each other with bombs, guns , words

        but we are all same from where i can see it

        you have to just increase your eye sight

        we are same , cause we all feel pain

        we all want peace

        do not want the voices of bomb and fear of being killed

        we are same cause we all have hidden pains within ourselves

        which may lead to suicide , cuts

        so how are we different ?

        when we all want love , to be cared for

        how can we discriminate on the basis of religion,race, nationality

        when we all are the same with so many familiarities.

        the problems may not be the same but the depression sadness is the same

        the kid in america depressed is the same as the kid depressed in pakistan

        borders are made to separate land

        not to separate hearts

        i do not see you different

        we all need the basic human rights


        so what makes us different

        clothes,languages , culture ,food they are so minor as compared to smiles

        which are so same

        if we want to fight

        lets fight against the hunger

        lets fight against the violence

        lets fight against the bullying

        lets fight against the hatred

        lets fight for the rights

        that you and i have together

        making the world a better place to live in

        here it is

  29. Within
    Genuine peace can only come from within
    We can rave and rant about war and violence
    Check who profits from sales of WMD
    Know that the fodder, people killed, are expendable!
    No politician’s children ever join the war cause?

    Who has ever really won a war?
    Look closely at history and explore
    Local citizens, children galore
    Are the ones harmed, see a flaw!
    So why do we start even more?

    Do we continue to tie ourselves in knots
    Or try to calm our angry minds
    Look inside to see what you find?
    We feel righteous, powerless and unkind.
    Healthiest solution is to tame our own mind!

    As we become more peaceful and content
    Empowers us to clearly vent
    Draws others in and we may score a win
    War and DV are a sin, so let us all begin
    To calm ourselves and our kin?

    Only then can we know real peace
    Defence recruit the vulnerable
    They and their family are fleeced!
    Live by the change you seek to make
    Then no one can accuse you of being fake!

    Written specifically for ‘Poets for Peace’

    Have literally just written this and posted it on my blog, happy to have it published!

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  32. Sofia Kioroglou, Greece

    At Idomeni to the village of Chamilo

    For a moment I thought
    I had found a new home
    I was swathed in blankets
    and given some food.

    I hadn’t eaten for days
    gaunt and cadaverous
    I made my way to the refugee camp
    as the sun cracked through the darkling clouds.

    The Red Cross crew tried their best
    to rescue a woman’s baby
    before hurrying to a man having an epileptic fit
    in front of a hundred of us refugees

    For a moment I thought
    I had found a new home
    scrambling for a way past
    EU’s closed Balkan door

    I give permission to Praxis Magazine to publish my poem

    The original is posted on my blog :

    My email is :

  33. Hi Neha,
    I grant permission to publish my poem titled “Igniting the flame of serenity” in Poetry Channel collboration #PoetsForPeace
    Here are my details…
    Name – Ashish Kumar
    Blog URL –
    Poem titile – Igniting the flame of serenity
    Post URL –
    Current Location – Hyderabad, India
    Email id –

    Happy to Know that it is getting published. 🙂 Please let me know if anything more is required for the same.


  34. I have posted my poem:
    My details:
    Marjorie Mallon
    Blog URL :
    Post URL:
    Poem title: Promise People Peace
    Current Location – Cambridge, UK
    Email –

    Thanks. Do let me know if you need anything else. Marje

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