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Prayers of A Poet’s Heart


This is my contribution to the collaboration #PoetsforPeace, initiated by M. Zane McClellan and hosted here on forgottenmeadows.

poetry copyright neha 2016

poetry copyright neha 2016


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

33 thoughts on “Prayers of A Poet’s Heart

  1. Reblogged this on The Poetry Channel.

  2. Piece d3 Resistance, Neha! Thank you so much for this and all your work compiling the tremendous response to this worthy cause.

    • Aww thanks so much for the reblog my friend and it has been my pleasure 🙂

      • I have always enjoyed your collaborations, both for what I got to read of your poetry and that of other gifted Poets. Also, because of the words that always came to me in response. As if we had had a conversation.

      • ❤ ❤ you are very kind, I think this collaboration will perhaps be the biggest one yet…and for such a worthy cause, thanks again for coming up with it!

  3. Bless you, and thank you so much. This really does make a powerful statement, and it is a wonderful idea.

  4. You are one of the bright lights people look to in the darkness.

  5. A beautiful poem Neha and thank you for all your love and energy bringing us all together here in peace xxx

  6. What a wonderful contribution, Neha! ❤

  7. So lovely! Thanks for helping to spread peace.

  8. I pray that you do not stop writing.

  9. Excellent Neha, love this so much. ❤

  10. Beautiful poem Neha. Thanks for all you do to promote love and peace. ❤ Hugs!

  11. Prayer For Peace.

    Wish to see the world
    In joy n merry making
    Chanting hymns of peace
    Singing carols of happiness
    Together We Stand
    Breaking the barriers of Hatred
    Praising the Beliefs of All.

    Drop the guns
    Spill out the venom
    Thriving inside
    Clasp hands
    Form a chain of peace
    Laugh out Loud
    Spat the chaos burning inside.

    Hey Brother
    The day
    You extend hand of peace
    All the chaos n conflicts
    Will wipe out from the devil mind
    You will feel feather light.

    Gaze at
    The greens & the colorful blooms
    Spirit of peace
    Will arise n linger
    In your soul
    Your body will feel fresh n crystal clear.

    It’s time to wrap up hatred
    Bring in peace
    To tame the minds
    Which are in unrest
    Thus Peace prevails
    Which is absent
    Since Many years.

    Wish to see
    Break of a Dawn
    Promising peace n harmony
    Crumbling & burning
    The hatred n fear
    Cracking a sparkling Smile
    On faces of all
    Minds be clear
    Ties of Faith on Each other
    Glues Us Together.

    © Ila Varma 19-07-2016


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  13. You have a truly loving heart and amazing writing talent, Neha. Peace be with you, dear. ❤

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