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Spring Blogs Recommendations: Photography List 1


Hello Everyone,

As a thank you to this wonderful blogging family I will be sharing some of my favourite blogs every season.

Here is my first list of wonderful photographers who inspire me with their beautiful captures. Over the next few weeks I will be posting more lists in this and other categories so stay tuned.  The previous spring list can be found here: Again your recommendations are most welcome!

They are in no particular order, I will do 10 at a time for each list…Please visit their beautiful, captivating blogs!  Whether it’s people, animals or nature, Doru’s pictures will hold you captivated. I highly recommend everyone to visit this talented photographer! H.J is not only an amazing photographer but his knowledge on birds will keep you coming for more! I have been following H.J since my early days at wordpress and I definitely encourage you to visit his blog and get inspired! Hanne is a photographer and poet whose work I greatly admire. There is a distinct quality in her black and white pictures that touch the soul. Please stop by her beautiful blog! Cindy brings the “WOW” factor with every single capture….to say I am HUGE FAN will be an understatement. I highly recommend everyone to go visit her blog and be “wowed!” Paul was one of the first photographers I started following on wordpress and I have to say he still continues to be one of my favorites! His captures of beautiful flowers and nature will leave you with a smile, I encourage you all to go pay a visit now! Victor Rakmil is a talented photographer who captures the essence of nature beautifully. I definitely recommend stopping by! Laura Macky is yet another photographer and friend I am “wowed” by every time! Her beautiful captures will leave you awed and coming back for more! I highly recommend a visit! Amy’s beautiful, breathtaking photos will touch your heart and her soulful words will inspire your mind. I have been following her blog since my early days and I cannot recommend it enough! Please check out this blog for some absolutely amazing photos by Mitch Zeissler. I truly admire his talents. Many may already know this amazing photographer and blogger. I highly recommend her work!












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15 thoughts on “Spring Blogs Recommendations: Photography List 1

  1. Your words humble me. Thank you and thank you so much for giving me some new blogs to explore. I love our blogging community! You rock and long may you blog!

  2. Cindy has said it better than I could. Thank you.

  3. I follow some of the mentioned blogs, will check the other ones…thanks for the recommendations, Neha… 🙂

  4. Wonderful group of photographers. I could get lost for hours! 🙂

  5. Neha, I am honored to be included on this list for I really know how many talented photographers are on WP. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am on my phone right now and for some reason unable to sign in to like this post. I’ll do my best to get back here on my computer. Again, thank you! ❤

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  7. Thank you so much my beautiful and talented friend Neha! I appreciate your kind words. HJ 🙂

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