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Perhaps – A Collaboration


This is the third of five collaborations between my friend Michael ( and I.  If you haven’t read his talented writing yet, I suggest you do so now! Here is the link to our past collaborations,

It was a pleasure to work with Michael again on this topic, that I feel is very poetic in its nature – “Perhaps”. We both drew our own muse from the word and the following is our collaboration.

Michael is this color

Neha is this color



My doormat of a heart

Has been stomped on enough.



If I change

Circumstances will follow suit;

Fate covering all those gaps

That have denied me closure.



If I look closer

At who I am, and what I do

I won’t have to choose

Between being myself;

And pleasing you.



If I kneel down and pray

All will go away.



one day

behind the cloud 
hiding the moon
I will find 
my faded dreams
my long lost tune
of my soul
in the clarity 
of the clear skies
I will stop 
the lies
I say to my heart
Poetry copyright michael and neha 2016



Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

17 thoughts on “Perhaps – A Collaboration

  1. Two of my favorite poets! Perfect together 💖

  2. Very, very beautiful, Neha! Great how you two went along in that poem! A powerful walk towards the same direction.

  3. A very beautiful, synergistic collaboration, Neha!! Blessings ♡

  4. A lovely poem and collaboration. blessings…

  5. This collaboration has authentic voices and heartfelt words. Thank you for sharing.

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