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April Rain

Drops of April rain

on my window pane,

awoke my heart, to spring.

poetry and image copyright neha 2016

poetry and image copyright neha 2016




In hope of kindness

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes you see

lies a lady

dreaming her last dream…

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes,

lies a child

looking at the skies

for the first time…

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes

lies a man

building his home of imagination…

Tread gently,

for behind those eyes

lies a person

whose heart has been broken a million times

but they still send a smile

to the new day….

Tread gently,

for the world awaits…

in hope of kindness.

poetry and image copyright neha 2016

poetry and image copyright neha 2016


Spring Poets Recommendations List 1

Hello Everyone,

As a thank you to this wonderful blogging family I will be sharing some of my favourite blogs every season.

Here is my first list of wonderful poets whose work I admire. Over the next few weeks I will be posting more lists in this and other categories so stay tuned. Again your recommendations are most welcome!

They are in no particular order, I will do 10 at a time for each list…Please visit them for some beautiful writing that will make your hearts bloom this season. 🙂 ❤

Spring Poet List 1  I have always been impressed by Michael’s style in writing since my early days here when I discovered his blog. I highly recommend everyone to visit his page for some great pieces of writing! Another great talent who will touch your heart with her words. Maniparna writes with ease and her beautiful imagery will definitely make its mark. Do visit her blog and discover her wonderful writing! Thomas is an amazing writer whom I have been following for a few months now. His poetry is unique and deep that always strikes a chord with the heart. Another writer who you must visit if you haven’t already! I have been following Richard since the beginning of my journey and I am constantly awed with his writing style and capabilities. A writer who can inspire with each piece. A prolific writer who everyone must visit! Belinda is one of the kindest and strongest souls I have met here on wordpress and her writing reflect both. I strongly recommend visiting her beautiful blog to brighten your day. Phen is a great writer who will make you think. His poetry is unique in both style and content and will definitely keep you returning for more. Again another writer all must visit! I absolutely love Trini’s work! Her poetry is soulful and full of heart…She also shares beautiful stories and photos that I also recommend you check out! I have recently started following Robert’s blog and I have to say I really enjoy his poetry. I definitely recommend that you go visit! I am a big fan of Dorinda’s poetry. She has different themes for different days of the week and always sparks emotion with her words. Another poet I highly recommend. Brad’s writing will fill you with peace and inspire you to be better human beings. His gentle and genuine work moves one’s heart. Please visit his blog now!