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Finding Light


Finding light

through veiled sight

when the world cried

drenched in black

robe of grief,

was hard,

but you had to start

by keeping hope

to cope

with the unexplained anguish

of unanswered whys

finding quiet comfort

in the solidarity amongst humanity

that still shone in the dark,

finding light.

poem amd image copyright neha 2015

poem amd image copyright neha 2015









My deepest condolences to all the families who lost their loved ones in the Paris attacks, may you still find the light of hope in your hearts…my thoughts and prayers are with you.


Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

24 thoughts on “Finding Light

  1. a wonderful offering, Neha…well-said

  2. Reblogged this on Kadi Didn't.

  3. Hi there, I would like to invite you to participate in this lovely 3 Day Quot Challenge
    Have a great dat. Cheers!

  4. I am covered in goosebumps, Neha. Bless you for this post!! I too have one dedicated to those who are suffering in this world due to this senseless act of terrorism. Much Love, Amy ❤

  5. Yes! Thank you, Neha. Blessings and much love your way.

  6. Agreed!!! I’ve got a heavy heart here because that a part of my bloodline in these veins.

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