thoughts from my mind to yours


Without Logic

Then the sky explodes

and your thoughts scatter on the page

cast away from your mind

without logic

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015



First Guest Post By Johnny Ojanpera

My good friend Johnny from Johnny Ojanpera  had recently invited me to do a guest post for him on his blog…Being a newbie to guest posts I had to get his advise on how it works 🙂 …I agreed to do one for him;however, being a big fan of his works myself I asked him if he was willing to do a post for my blog…and I am very happy to say that he was! If you haven’t checked out his blog already I advise you to do so now…he is an amazing writer with a true gift for words… He is also an amazing artist and the picture below is his creation on oil canvas! It was an honour and pleasure to know more about him…so without further adieu here is Johnny’s guest post! 

image copyright 2015 Johnny Ojanpera

image copyright 2015 Johnny Ojanpera






















I was invited by Neha to say a few things about myself in the form of a guest post/interview. I could never pass up an invitation like this, so here it is…



  1. How do you define yourself?

I define myself most by my accomplishments. I am an artist, so the things I create, whether in word, paint or song, define me better than anything else. These things are reflections of who I am, more so than by the way I dress or the music I listen to. I think that art is a great way to explore and define my identity.


  1. What makes you happy?


First, I have an amazing wife and four daughters. They are the roots of my happiness that radiate out into nearly everything I do. Next to my girls, my passion is writing. It’s hard to tell sometimes if it is an addiction, or a personality trait, but either way, it keeps me healthy. I try to keep the term ‘happy’ in the right context. It is an emotion, it can be fleeting and when I feel it, I like to hope that I won’t take it for granted. Life is full of many emotions.



  1. What inspires you?


I am most inspired by people and nature. The dynamics of relationships also inspire me. I am observant by nature, so I feel like I am always looking at things in a way that says, “What is special about that?” or “Why did that person react that way?” There are also quite a few writers I follow that I can’t help but be inspired by. The amount of talent in this ‘room’ astounds me, it keeps me going.



Thank you, Neha for sharing your readers with me.





Never Look Back


Her tears are finally drying

Leaving statues of salt behind

Monuments of her memories

Wishes the past to be blind

Hopes for rain to melt the pain

For the tears to reach the sea

The salt crumble to the earth

So her future can live free