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I find “alone”

in the sea of words

and hug it close to me. 

poem and image copyright neha2015 poem and image copyright neha2015

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Friendship Means. . .

My good friend Robin did this post as a response to the three day quote challenge…I cannot express my appreciation in words as to how much her kind words touched my heart…If you haven’t already checked out her blog I urge you to do so now 🙂


My sweet friend, Neha,

who writes Forgotten Meadows

Along with her newest blog,

Quote and Lyrics for the Soul

tried to Challenge me to post

Three days in a row, with quotes.

It is called appropriately,

Three Day Quote Challenge.

There are rules to follow,

Will someone else like to pick

up the Gauntlet and Take the Challenge?

I admire the beauty in her writing and photographs.

I admire her caring and asking how I am from time to time.

I am pleased she has gone far in her blogging, adding fine readers.

I hope you will check her blog out and enjoy her beautiful original

poetry and see what she has posted for her “Three Days of Quotes.”


********************************* FRIENDSHIP *********************************************

Check her posts titled, “Solid,” “Summer Dreams,” and “Essence in a Drop.”

Recently, she included a Midsummer’s Nights Dream

in her “Lilac Dreams” post.


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