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You are like the spec of sand,

carried away by the wind…

far, far, far, away from the land,

where you had always been.

Lost with the sky

you wonder why

the world passes by you

as you daydream

longing for another blue

washing over your grey mind

as you try to find

that forgotten piece of the ocean

lingering with your tears…

and suddenly

you have nothing to fear

for the world is your ocean

and your ocean is the world’s

and as you travel by

floating in the sky

you smile

for it’s worthwhile

to long for home

and to find home

in your longing.

copyright neha 2015 copyright neha 2015

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Thank you all for your prayers and wishes…the power of your thoughts are forever appreciated ❤ Just wanted to let you all know that my grandma is feeling a little better and has been released from the hospital…she is still being monitored at home and needs meds and rest to recover…but we are glad that she is doing so much better and cannot thank you all enough for your support my friends ❤ ❤


Amidst the silence of deep solitude

You close your eyes

and pray.

poem and image copyright neha 2015 poem and image copyright neha 2015

Hi Everyone,

My grandma has not been feeling too well lately and I would truly appreciate all your prayers and good wishes for her ❤ ❤

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