thoughts from my mind to yours



Amidst the silence of deep solitude

You close your eyes

and pray.

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015


























Hi Everyone,

My grandma has not been feeling too well lately and I would truly appreciate all your prayers and good wishes for her ❤ ❤





Author: forgottenmeadows

I am a dreamer and a writer who loves to ponder on the words of the soul.

69 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. Prayers are going up and out as I type my friend. Huge warm gentle embrace.

  2. Oh, Neha. I am sorry to hear that. I send you and your grandma beautiful white healing energy…and lots of love…and yes…prayers. My heart is with you ❤

  3. Sending prayers up for your grandmother, Neha! ❤

  4. Prayer is power – be well.

  5. Prayers for you and your grandmother Neha. May peace prevail.

  6. May she recovers soon.

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  8. Wishing your grandmother a speedy recovery. *hugs*

  9. A grandmother is such a loving person who deserves healthy life with smooh sailing. Certainly will keep her in my prayers. I hope she will fully recuperate.

  10. My prayers for you and your grandmother, hope she will get better soon… 🙂

  11. Hi darling, sending a prayer your and her way 🙂

  12. Love, light and healing thoughts for your Grandma. You’re in my thoughts, dear Neha!

  13. So sorry to hear your Grandma isn’t feeling well, Neha. Saying some prayers for her right now…

  14. I love it when it’s quiet for prayer. Glad to hear your grandma is filling a bit better.

  15. I’m sorry buot your grandmother. My prayers and good wishes are with her and you. 🙂

  16. Praying for you grandma and all who love her, Neha ❤

  17. Prayers for her, Neha. Convey my regards to her….

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  19. I pray that she gets well soon my friend.

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    Thank you to all that have send their prayers and wishes…the power of your thoughts are forever appreciated ❤ Just wanted to let you all know that my grandma is feeling a little better and has been released from the hospital…she is still being monitored at home and needs meds and rest to recover…but we are glad that she is doing so much better and cannot thank you all enough for your support my friends ❤ ❤

  21. Neha, I am so sorry I did not know. I must have clicked like when I was quickly going through my reader, but if I had known, PLEASE know I would have stopped to write you a note to make sure you knew I was praying. Thank goodness your Grandma is feeling better!!! Treasure every Moment you have with her, my friend. Again, my apologies for missing this. (((HUGS))) Amy ❤

  22. Both of you have mine, as you are both wrapped in blankets of love and prayer…read this poem and the last line is especially for her.

    I Shall Wait On You

    As my day does come to an end,
    When it seems my strength is gone,
    As the hours seem to pass by slowly
    When all I try just seems so wrong

    Within my heart I seek the words
    A psalm that will lift my spirit high
    For so often when I feel tired
    Even on my bed I do not want to lie

    I reach within my soul for the energy
    I seek with my inner voice to pray
    And I find that I have such a great need
    For Your soothing spirit to come my way

    And as I pray silently, and ever sweetly
    While I gently embrace Your name
    I find that I shall always wait on You
    Knowing my Health I will again regain.

    God bless,


  23. I mean’t to say read the whole poem to her…it has been prayed over for healing!

    • Thank you so very much for that beautiful healing poem my friend ❤ I will definitely read it to her…your thoughts are appreciated from the heart and I cannot express my complete gratitude in words …thank you again my brother (hugs) means a lot!

  24. Best wishes to her and hope she recovers soon. Good luck!

  25. Ohhhhhh, that’s good to hear Neha. I’ll pray for her.
    🙂 ❤

  26. Many Blessings Neha of comfort, Peace, courage, Hope, and most especially the Gentle Love that Reaches to Hold all of us. Love to You my dear Friend.

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