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Eternal night of dreams…


The magical hue of blue,

touches me and you,

as we lay on the moon beam,

in this eternal night of dreams,

full of stars.

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015 free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015

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Favorite Wordress Poet

What a great idea by Wuji! I have added quite a few names I follow and will continue adding as I remember more 🙂

Wuji Seshat


Hey Everyone,

We all perhaps have favorite poets we read on WordPress, if you are a poet the chances you read other poets on here and support them is pretty high. Please nominate individual poets and provide their wordpress URL and we’ll add them to our list.

Once we have enough nominations, we’ll open the voting. You can nominate yourself too, perhaps you can get a bit more traffic.

Then read them and we can vote for our favorites. You’ll be able to vote for multiple poets.

Here is the shortlist thus far:


Please share this post if you think it’s a good idea.

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Under Quiet Rain

You laid on the ground

under quiet rain

listening to the sound,

of thoughts, in your scattered brain

letting go the need to be found…

as the drops poured on your pain,

you laid on the ground…

under quiet rain.


free google image, poem copyright neha 2015

free google image, poem copyright neha 2015


That day


That day…

The world forgot to be kind,

and you forgot to be patient,

and in between figuring out who you were,

and where you came from,

and why you were here,

the clouds of life,

poured on you,

and your heart cried with the rain…


when it was over,

and though the world did not change,

you felt lighter and soul felt cleansed,

and you noticed the smiles among the frowns,

and drenched in what was your pain,

you found that little piece of joy again,

you followed the rainbow of life.

copyright neha 2015 copyright neha 2015

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