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Midnight Muse

My midnight muse


like the moonbeam on my hands.


copyright poem and image neha 2015

copyright poem and image neha 2015



Question to Bloggers/Friends – What would you say to your teenage self?

Hi Everyone,

I recently found my teenage diary of poems and though nostalgic, it was as though I was reading the world through the glasses of another person…familiar yet different…Regardless to say there were pages of emotions on paper, trying to figure out the future and where it would take me haha…I am certain this was not a singular case of the teenage mind, as I know my friends had gone over the same things and so I thought I would pose the question to my readers here:

What would you say to your teenage self? 

I would love to see your responses in the comment section!

As for myself, Although I do not have everything figured out yet, I would tell my younger self not to worry as much and to continue to chase dreams…and I would thank her for continuing to write 🙂 

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015


Morning Secret – Teenage Diaries

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015

free google image/ poem copyright neha 2015














Sitting on a hilltop

Early morning breeze pass by

fingers resting on the wet green grass

Eyes watching the sunrise

Slowly, but gently as it pops 

into the crimson red sky

The smell of flowers drift to the nose

fresh pure life knocking at the door

Mouth is shut, as if to keep this a secret…

though the lips form a smile

when the ears hear the birds

chirping nearby

Waking up the rest of the world…

into the mystery of nature.


Another poem from my teenage diaries series.




Competing With “Me” – Teenage Diaries

You paint me as perfection

Though you have never seen me before

You think of me as if I were an angel

Who has purity in every pore

You describe me as a piece of art

That is too perfect to be true

You keep that image in your heart

No matter what I say or do…

So now all I do is compete with this image

Stop my real self from shining through

Stop from ruining my borrowed reflection

That has been created by you

poem and image copyright neha 2015

poem and image copyright neha 2015














This was a poem I had written in my teenage years…haha perhaps you can all sense that in the words…anyway I found my old diary of poetry from that time and will be posting a few more in my ‘teenage diaries’ series. 🙂

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Contemplations of the quiet mind


Contemplations of the quiet mind…

as it slowly rewinds

the cascading waves

of thoughts

falling in an infinite abyss

of feelings

that drift in your eyes

floating in the skies

of everlasting dreams

drifting with the winds

of dark storms

looming at the edge of the sea

as you fly free

in the pouring rain

of the subdued pain

of the world

floating gently

with the contemplations…

of the quiet mind.

copyright neha 2015 copyright neha 2015

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