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Moonless Skies

Night does not fall on your waking eyes

as they stare out at the moonless skies

wondering why, the heart ached

ocean shore in the dark

free google image/ poetry copyright neha 2015



A Challenge In Life

My friend Amy brightens the world with her beautiful photos and words ❤

Heaven On Earth

This post is for [Tiny]. Tiny, my friend, thank you for BEing in my Life. My Hope is this really Blesses you.


A Challenge in Life presents itself
when someone we Love goes on,
leaving us in this realm of existence.
The challenge is,
is not to live from the perspective of the past,
but to live from the perspective of the present,
bringing with us that which means so much to us
to integrate into our Present Moment.

MF Macro Photography/ “A Challenge In Life” 2015©AmyRose

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